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Nibble on a tender wifeNibble on a tender wife

Nibble on a tender wifeNibble on a tender wife

Nibble on a tender wifeNibble on a tender wifeNibble on a tender wife

"What are you doing." The cold Limang flashed away at the bottom of his eyes, which made her tremble all over. "Yes," she said hurriedly. "Very good." Her obedience made him happy. "I like your masterpiece." Didn't he just criticize it as a "rag"? Seeing that she couldn't react and looked at a loss, he bent over her ear in an evil way and said, "Because.." It's easy to take off. "You.." The scorching heat ran up her white and tender little face, and she stared at him with shame and indignation, her beautiful big eyes as if they could breathe fire. But instead of feeling the power, he giggled. You tidy up your appearance, and I'll go in first! She pecked at her reddish lips, as if it wasn't enough, and kissed them again, again. It was not until he realized that it was not enough that he reluctantly got up and left. Quickly tidy up the messy clothes, touch the hot cheeks and hot and swollen lips, "hateful big lady-killer!" Ito Yu-er angrily spurned Ren Shaohuai's bad behavior, and then sighed; I don't know what she's become now, how dare she go out to scare people? Anyway, I'm not interested in the banquet, so I might as well take the opportunity to slip away! The red sports car was parked neatly in front of a five-star restaurant. The clever valet immediately greeted him, "Welcome to the light." The line of sight was stunned behind the long-haired woman who got off the car. Be careful,Carbon in Pulp, Kazuya. Drool on the uniform looks ugly. The handsome young man patted the parking boy to wake him up. Seeing that he blushed in an instant and wanted to dig a hole to bury himself, he couldn't help but burst out and laughed all the way into the hall with the amazing beauty in his arms. Brother Yamamoto, is it funny to tease your own staff like this? Yuko Ito shook her head helplessly. Really, I'm about to get married and become a father, and my teasing temper hasn't changed at all. "Actually.." Yamamoto suddenly stopped, holding Ito's beautiful little face in both hands, and gazing at her black eyes with tender feelings. In fact, I shouldn't have made fun of Kazuya. Didn't I fall in love with you when I first met you? When you were going to study abroad,chrome washing machine, I was so sad that I couldn't control myself! Especially you are more and more beautiful, my love for you is like a surging river, endless.. "Is it?" Ito looked askance at him and said with a half-smile, "In that case, why did you have a fiancee who made you understand the true meaning of life when I was struggling in a foreign country?" Yamamoto is the best friend of Ryu Ito. When he was a student, he was a frequent visitor to the Ito family. When he first met her, he claimed that he fell in love with Yuko Ito at first sight. Even after being severely "taught" by Ryu Ito, every time he met him, he never forgot his determination to marry her. At that time, she only thought it was a joke, but it turned out to be a joke. Today, he invited Ito Yu-er to dinner to introduce his fiancee Nana to her, and by the way, coltan ore processing ,coltan ore processing, he thanked the new generation of famous fashion designers in Paris for agreeing to tailor the bridal dress for his fiancee. Ga! When Yamamoto heard this, he was dumbfounded and suddenly put on the solemn and stirring expression of a strong man breaking his wrist. "Well, I shouldn't have taken advantage of your absence to love someone else. In order to maintain my personality and fulfill my promise to you in the past, I decided to stop the wedding.". Come on, to prove my determination, let's make it a kiss. With that, Yamamoto pursed his lips and went straight to Ito Yuko. Ah.. Ito Yu-er was startled. Angrily and laughingly, she pushed away the wolf's face and said angrily, "Shame on you. Who wants to kiss you?" "Come on, come on, I'll take good care of you." The coaxing tone was like a wolf summoning an innocent Little Red Riding Hood. Smelly Yamamoto, how dare you molest me in public? Bai Yu's little hand crept up his strong waist and twisted it hard. Ah! Gently, gently. Yamamoto twisted his face and whispered, "What a terrible scissors hand." "I beg you to spare me this time. I won't dare in the future." "Hum, you are sensible.". If you are restless again, I will complain to your fiancee, and then you will be in trouble. She snorted and looked pleased. When Yamamoto was about to say something, he suddenly felt his hair standing on end. A few feet away, he saw a group of business elites. One of them, a man who looked like a leader, was staring at them with cold eyes. No! It's him. Yamamoto, who was stared at inexplicably, had to rack his brains and search for withered intestines. Strange, like such a powerful man is very difficult to forget, since he has no impression, it means that they do not know each other, that. Why does he look like he wants to cut him into seventeen or eighteen pieces? "What's the matter?" Yuko Ito noticed something strange about him. It's all right. Nai Nai has probably arrived. Let's go up quickly. He took her slender shoulders and hurried into the elevator. He has a wife and children now, and trouble is naturally avoided as much as possible. Mummy As soon as Ito entered her mother's living room, she called curiously, "Are you looking for me?"? Is there.. The strong figure of her father met her, and with a jerk, she intuitively searched for her mother. Fortunately, although Mommy was like a rabbit in front of a lion, with a frightened and pale face, she was not hurt. Youer. As soon as Mrs. Ito saw her daughter, she breathed a sigh of relief. She called her daughter to her side and told her softly, "Your father has something to say to you." "Father!" Yuko Ito greets respectfully. Strange, sad phoenix house is mother's residence, father has not stepped into for many years, how can suddenly appear here today? Her heart sank at the sight of his rare pleasantness. What makes my father happy usually makes others sad, so she has a bad feeling at the moment. Youer, I have accepted the proposal of the first few people, and I have decided to set your wedding date at the end of next month, which is less than a month from now. It's a bit of a rush. However,Portable gold trommel, I will send more people to help. They are all very experienced professionals. You don't have to worry. Ito Wen nodded happily, and his wish was fulfilled, which gave him a rare good mood.


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