Golden Goose Outlet like me and are

Golden Goose Outlet like me and are

My sizing info I own 3 pairs of Golden Goose Superstars and just purchased my first pair of Midstars I wear a US size 9. Golden Goose sneakers are make in UK sizing. To my surprise there were two sizes and one was mine I immediately purchased knowing how easy Shopbops returns are and waited patiently. An American vibe with a glamorous touch that translates into streetwear style, ideal for metropolitan looks.

Ive been eyeing Golden Goose sneakers for a long time now, and even ordered a pair about a year ago from Nordstrom. People often ask are Golden Goose sneakers are worth it, and I say that if you wear sneakers on the daily Golden Goose Outlet like me and are into the fashion side of it, YES I wear size 38.

You want an honest Golden Goose review Youre about to get an honest Golden Goose review. In the words of Shania Twain, lets go girls. Golden Goose has added Golden Goose Superstar sneakers to their line since 2007. We like to mix different materials and treatments to write a new story every time.

I ordered a 38 in all 3 pairsI wear a size 7. 5 8 shoe, so size up if youre a half size. V Stars are inspired by 1970s basketball, boasting a minimalist silhouette with rubber toecap. We have enhanced this model thanks to the snake print leather upper, blended with the fuchsia vertical strip on the back and blue laces.

As with this model, where the white leather upper meets the blue piping of the flash and heel tab, and the red star. I probably wear my GG 300 days a year, so instead of buying random 70 flats repeatedly, I wear these.

V Star Sneakers with snake print vertical strip and blue laces, The iconic, timeless design of these sneakers is updated in a contemporary key. So now that we know a bit about the brand Golden Goose lets dive into my honest review of Golden Goose sneakers.

Iconic Vintage finish. As far as sizing goes, I say order TTS. These arent cushion y shoes, but they are extremely supportive with the wedge. The other benefit is that they elongate your leg without looking like a chunky wedge sneaker.


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