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Back to the Song Dynasty as a princess

Back to the Song Dynasty as a princess

Fortunately, the old man who collected herbs rescued him and came to Kaifeng. "What!"! It is simply outrageous!

Zhanzhao watched them go away and said with a sneer in his heart, "I'm not afraid of you royal relatives!" Bao Zheng was reading a book in the study of the Kaifeng Mansion when Zhang Long came in. He said, "My Lord, there is a man outside who calls himself Nanxia Zhanzhao, with two seriously injured officials. He said he had something to see my Lord." "What?"? Nanxia Zhanzhao? Hearing this, Bao Zheng immediately said in surprise. He remembered that the princess had mentioned the name, the first time it was said to be the Royal Cat Zhanzhao, and the second time it was Nanxia Zhanzhao. It turned out that Zhanzhao was not a real person. Invite him in quickly. Zhanzhao was invited to the study by Zhang Long, and now Bao Zheng was standing at the table, looking at himself with an upright face. He looked up and down at Lord Bao, just as Lord Bao looked up and down at himself at the moment. This bag sunspot is really like the legend, the face is like the bottom of the pot, the eyes are like torches, a face of righteousness, it seems to be a good official. This Princess Anning asked me to come to him, saying that it was not wrong for all the people in the world. Good handsome son Lang, a face of heaven and earth noble gas, eight feet tall, strong figure,rotary vacuum disc filters, is really an extraordinary appearance, there is a generation of chivalrous demeanor! "The grass people have seen Lord Bao!" Zhanzhao knelt down and said. Bao Zheng quickly helped him up. "Master Zhan," he said, "I have heard your name mentioned many times." Mention my name many times? Who is it? Zhanzhao was surprised to hear that his own name was well known in the south of the Yangtze River, but not many people in Kaifeng should know it, because Zhanzhao's name was just used by him in the last two months. Princess Anning. Bao Zheng said. It's her again! Zhan Zhao murmured. Who is this peaceful princess, how can she know her name,Dissolved Gas Flotation, she has never met him, or even said that there is no intersection at all. She said again and again that she was Nanxia Zhanzhao. It seemed that all her things could not escape her eyes. Could it be that Master Zhan has seen the princess? When Bao Zheng saw that Zhanzhao's face was dignified and uncertain, he thought he must know the princess and immediately asked. Zhanzhao said, "I just broke up with the princess.". It was the princess who asked me to come to you. Hearing this, Bao Zheng said quickly, "Did the princess ask you to come to me?"? Princess, how is she now? Have you ever solved the poison on your body? "She can eat and sleep, she can walk like flying, and she is very good.". I think if she had been poisoned, she would have been cured. Zhan Zhao said coldly. After hearing this, Bao Zheng finally felt relieved and said, "That's all right. The emperor and the queen mother can finally feel at ease." The First Part of the Text: Ping Xiangyang Chapter 9: Zhanzhao's Plan to Find Bao Zheng, the Princess Laughs to Solve the Crisis 3 16K Fiction Network Updated: March 30, filter nozzle ,Lamella Plate Settler, 2009 13:55:44 Words in this chapter: 1253 "My Lord, on my way here, I met a group of officers and soldiers chasing two officers, and I saved them." Zhanzhao said. In the guest room, Bao Zheng looked at the two officials who were seriously injured and dying. My Lord, their lives are no longer in danger. The doctor who treated them said with a smile. He wrote the prescription and handed it to the servants. He told them to go down and fill the medicine. Master Zhan, do you know who hurt them so badly? "People from Xiangyang Wangfu.". Before they left, they put down their harsh words, saying that they would come to no good end if they opposed the people of Xiangyang Wangfu. So I think they should be the people of Xiangyang Wangfu. Said Zhanzhao. It's the King of Xiangyang again. What a King of Xiangyang! Bao Zheng said angrily. When Zhanzhao heard this, he immediately said, "Could it be that the King of Xiangyang has committed another crime besides this?" "His son Zhao Ke was accused of raping and killing Huo Xiaocui, a civilian girl. Huo Xiaocui's parents wanted to complain to the local county government, but they were intercepted and arrested in the mansion and beaten to death.". Huo Xiaocui's childhood fiance Zhang Xiucai was also blinded and thrown down the cliff. Fortunately, the old man who collected herbs rescued him and came to Kaifeng. "What!"! It is simply outrageous! When Zhanzhao heard this, he was so angry that he picked up his sword and wanted to go, but Bao Zheng stopped him. What are you going to do? Bao Zheng looked at Zhanzhao, who wanted to rush out of the door with his sword. "I'm going to kill the King of Xiangyang," Zhanzhao said without hesitation! Kill the traitor! "Don't act foolishly!" Bao Zheng immediately said. This kind of lawless dog official does not kill enough to calm the people's anger! Said Zhanzhao. This is Kaifeng Mansion, not Jianghu. There is no room for your happy enmity! "I think Lord Bao is a good official who loves the people like a son!"! It turns out to be a coward who bullies the weak and fears the strong. Officials protect each other. I'm Zhanzhao blind. Lord Bao is leaving! Zhanzhao finished bowing and wanted to go, but was blocked at the door by Zhang Long and Zhao Hu. "Don't talk nonsense," said Zhang Long. We adults are definitely not the kind of people you say! Zhao Hu said, "We are Lord Qingtianbao, who is diligent in government, loves the people, and redresses the grievances of the people." Zhang Long said, "Since we two brothers followed Lord Bao, we have seen with our own eyes how Lord Bao worked diligently and loved the people, and how he fought against the powerful and made decisions for the people." Zhanzhao said with a sneer, "In that case, Zhanmou is abrupt." He turned to Bao Zheng and said, "Zhan will believe you, Lord Bao. If Lord Bao can't bring the King of Xiangyang to justice, then Zhan will hold down the rules of Jianghu and have a happy enmity!" "Don't worry, Daxia Zhan. If the King of Xiangyang is really guilty, the government will handle it according to law!" Bao Zheng said. He looked at this swordsman who hated evil as much as he hated it, and in his heart he lived in awe and appreciation, thinking that if this man could be used by me, he would be like a tiger with wings added. So show some farewell, see you later! "Where are you going, Master Zhan?" "Stay at an inn near Kaifeng and watch the adults handle the case!" "There is still a spare guest room in Kaifeng Mansion. Why don't you stay here, Master Zhan?"? I still have something to ask Daxia Zhan for help. "My Lord, Princess Anning recommended adults to Zhanmou,Mechanical fine screen, saying that adults are honest and upright officials who can make decisions for the people, but Zhanmou also wants to see for himself. If adults can handle this case impartially as the legend says, Zhanmoou is willing to follow around and let them go!" 。


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