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State prosecution

State prosecution

When I walked into the gate of the Zhonglou District Urban Management Committee at 8:10, I was startled: a police car with

When I walked into the gate of the Zhonglou District Urban Management Committee at 8:10, I was startled: a police car with a procuratorial sign was parked in the courtyard! Just as he was nervously wondering if the police car had anything to do with him, his immediate superior, Director Zhao, accompanied Wu Zhongqiu, director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, to meet him head-on. When he saw him, he pointed: "Oh, no, Deputy Political Commissar Fang is here!" Fang Qingming's eyes were black and he almost fainted! Director Wu Zhongqiu had a good attitude and said with a smile, "Commissar Fang, we still have to talk to you!" Fang Qingming was still in shock: "Director Wu, you.." What are you talking to me about?! Wu Zhongqiu became more and more friendly and said, "I just want to know something about the situation. Let's go and talk to our procuratorate." Only when we arrived at the procuratorate did we know that what Wu Zhongqiu and the comrades of the Anti-Corruption Bureau wanted to know was Zhou Xiuli's situation. Facts once again proved eloquently that he did not frame Zhou Xiuli at all. The phone call made by Zhou Xiuli and Yan Ziqing, the former director of the District Urban Management Committee, is objective. Yan Ziqing admitted it as soon as he went in, and now as long as he confirmed it, Zhou Xiuli would be in big trouble! Even if Zhou Xiuli confiscated Su Afu's money,Flush valve price, the consequences would be serious, and she would have to be dismissed if she didn't go in! However, after a brief impulse, Fang Qingming calmed down again: if he really got Zhou Xiuli in, or if he was dismissed, his trouble would not be small. Zhou Xiuli will certainly go in or be dismissed before he has exposed the corrupt elements, there is no doubt that the big treacherous court official Liu Maocai has been sharpening his knife! Therefore,push button toilet flush valve, Fang Qingming flatly denied Yan Ziqing's testimony and sincerely said to Wu Zhongqiu: "Director Wu, I really can't make mistakes again and again!"! Last time you and Attorney General Ye gave me a lively legal lesson, ah, let me know what is the crime of false accusation and frame-up! No matter how much I have an opinion about Comrade Zhou Xiuli, I can no longer catch the wind and talk nonsense, which is to bear legal responsibility.. Thirty-four Tang Chaoyang was suddenly absent from the dinner to welcome Ms. Guregwa, the mayor of a friendly city in France. Chen Hanjie was somewhat surprised and asked Lin Yongqiang to know that Tang Chaoyang was called to Nanping City by Wang Changgong in the afternoon. After the dinner, Tang Chaoyang called and asked Chen Hanjie to stay in the hotel after he finished, saying that he had something to talk about. Chen Hanjie estimated that when he made the call, Tang Chaoyang had already met Wang Changgong and was on his way back to Changshan. What he wanted to talk about must be very important, so he answered. After seeing off the French guests, Chen Hanjie asked the hotel manager to open a large suite with a bird's eye view of the city and asked the waiter to make a pot of coffee. While drinking coffee, he waited for Tang Chaoyang. Accompanied by the aroma of Italian coffee in the air of the suite, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, Chen Hanjie naturally thought of the question of whether Attorney General Ye Zijing would stay or not: As Su Afu came back from the dead and the truth of the case became clear step by step, the deep-seated contradictions were gradually exposed. At this time, Wang Changgong is likely to force Tang Chaoyang and the municipal party committee to attack Ye Zijing. Sure enough, as soon as Tang Chaoyang entered the door, he did not attend to the pleasantries and talked about it. His face was complicated, with both distress and indignation: "Old squad leader, I really don't want to be the secretary of the municipal party committee!"! If something goes wrong in Changshan, what responsibility should I take? But as the former mayor and the current leader of the provincial Party committee, Comrade Changgong always presses me like this, which makes me and the municipal Party committee too embarrassed! A few days ago, the procuratorate and the public security Bureau had a disagreement because of the nature of the fire. It was originally a very normal work disagreement. Comrade Chang Gong insisted that Ye Zijing had ulterior motives. After the meeting, he taught me a lesson. Today is even better. He made it clear that he wanted me to take down Ye Zijing's chief procurator and replace him with a chief procurator who listened to the call to handle the case! Even the candidate for chief procurator has been finalized for me, that is, Chen Bo, the current deputy chief procurator! Chen Hanjie knew very well in his heart: "Oh?"? The deputy chief procurator who decided to set the fire according to Wang Changgong? Tang Chaoyang nodded: "Yes, Comrade Chang Gong said that Comrade Chen Bo is more suitable. He stresses politics and takes the overall situation into account. Moreover, his educational background, seniority, and experience in handling cases are not inferior to Ye Zijing's. He should have taken this step long ago!" Chen Hanjie gave a "hum": "If Chen Bo becomes the chief procurator, it is estimated that he will be prosecuted for arson, and the crime of dereliction of duty will not be investigated. We Comrade Chang Gong can rest assured!" After thinking about it, he asked quietly, "So, Comrade Chaoyang, what is your attitude towards the Municipal Party Committee?"? "Are you going to study Comrade Chang Gong's proposal?" Tang Chaoyang sighed: "What to study?"? Didn't I come to talk to your old monitor?! Let's see what to do. He hesitated for a moment and then said, "I told Wang Changgongming that without the consent of Director Chen and the Municipal People's Congress, I can't open this Standing Committee. If the proposal of changing the chief procurator is not passed by the National People's Congress, it won't be a big joke?!" Chen Hanjie fell into deep thought and murmured, "What should have come really came, even when he was nervous about arresting Su Afu!"! What does Wang Changgong, the leader of the provincial Party committee, want to do? Do you still want to take Wu Chengyi down? Tang Chaoyang said gloomily, "Hey, old squad leader, you're really right. Comrade Chang Gong also told me that Wu Chengyi ignored the overall situation. As deputy director, he had a quarrel with Comrade Jiang Zhengliu at this time. We'd better take it down together.". Comrade Gong also talked with Lin Yongqiang on the phone the day before yesterday. Unwilling to offend Comrade Chang Gong, Lin Yongqiang suggested to me in private: "Should we consider transferring Wu Chengyi to the city's anti-pornography and anti-illegal publications office as its director?" Chen Hanjie asked thoughtfully, "Do you think Wang Changgong is guilty?"? Didn't Wu Chengyi just tell the truth? Don't you just keep an eye on Su Afu? Are you so afraid? Did he have a premonition of a crisis and throw caution to the wind? Tang Chaoyang looked at Chen Hanjie silently, smacking his lips meaningfully and saying nothing. Chen Hanjie is not happy: "Hey, Chaoyang Comrade, you speak, do you think this is normal?" Tang Chaoyang hesitated to speak and smiled bitterly: "What should I say?"? Say what?! Chen Hanjie sighed thoughtfully: "Yes,Prison toilet for sale, yes, your heels are soft now, and you have to leave a way out!" 。


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