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For the past decade, historians have been searching for keystones in French churches. Grail seekers familiar with the cryptic history

For the past decade, historians have been searching for keystones in French churches. Grail seekers familiar with the cryptic history of the Priory have long believed that the "key to the arch" was the true keystone, and that the stone wedge engraved with the code was inserted in the arch of a church. Just below the rose mark. Many buildings are marked with roses. A rose-shaped pane. A rose-shaped relief. Of course, there are a lot of pentagonal decorations, and the top of the arch often has this five-petal rosette decoration, just above the keystone. These treasures seem to be too eye-catching. The map showing where the Grail is buried is tucked into some forgotten church arch, mocking the ignorant passers-by who come and go below. "The cryptex can't be a keystone," Sophie argued. "It's not old enough. I'm sure the grandfather did it. It can't be part of the time-honored legend of the Holy Grail. Langdon felt a sudden rush of excitement. "It is said that the keystone was actually made by the Priory decades ago," he replied. Sophie blinked and said incredulously, "But if this cipher cylinder shows where the Grail is buried, why did Grandfather give it to me?"? I don't know how to open it. I don't know what to do with it. I don't even know what the Holy Grail is! Langdon was surprised to find that what she said was true. So far, he had not had a chance to explain to her the true meaning of the Grail. That will have to wait. Right now,eye cream packing tube, their attention is on the keystone. If that's true.. With the "rumble" of bulletproof tires, Langdon quickly explained to Sophie everything he knew about the Holy Grail. As far as he knew, the greatest secret of the priory, the burial place of the Holy Grail,tube lip gloss, had never been recorded in writing for hundreds of years. To be on the safe side, the secret was passed down orally to the new bishop in a ceremony. In the last century, however, the strategy of the legendary priory has changed. This may have been a precaution against new electronic eavesdropping techniques, but in any case, the Priory vowed never to "tell" about the sacred burial site again. "And how will they pass on the secret?" Asked Sophie. "This is where keystones come in," Langdon explained. When one of the four highest leaders dies, the remaining three must choose the next bishop candidate from the lower members. Instead of'telling 'the candidate directly where the Grail is buried, they test the candidate to confirm that he is qualified to know the secret. Sophie looked a little doubtful. Langdon's words suddenly reminded her of when her grandfather had asked her to look for treasure. There is no denying that getting the keystone is also a treasure hunt. Such tests are also common in secret societies. The most famous is the guild of stonemasons. In the guild, custom cosmetic packing ,metal cosmetic tubes, a person was required to prove that he could keep a secret in order to obtain a higher position, and to attend a number of ceremonies and pass various character tests over many years. The tests are becoming more and more difficult, and are most difficult for candidates preparing to take up the rank of thirty-two stonemasons. "So the keystone is a proof," Sophie said. If the candidate for the leadership of the Priory can open it, he will be able to prove that he is qualified to know the secrets in the keystone. Langdon nodded. "I forgot you have experience in this field." "It's not just from my experience with my grandfather.". In cryptography, that's called a self-recognition language. That is, if you are smart enough to read a password, you are allowed to know what the password means. Langdon hesitated for a moment and said, "You know, Sophie, if this is the keystone and your grandfather can get it, he's very powerful in the Priory.". He must be one of the four senior leaders. Sophie sighed and said, "I think he must be a very powerful figure in some secret organization, and that organization is the Priory." Langdon probed again. "You knew he was in the secret society?" Ten years ago, I saw something I shouldn't have seen. I never said a word to my grandfather after that. After a pause, she continued, "Grandfather was not only one of the top leaders, I think he was.." The supreme leader of that organization. Langdon couldn't believe her. You mean he's the boss? But …… You can't know at all! "I don't want to talk about it." Sophie turned her head to one side, the expression on her face painful but determined. Langdon sat there dumbfounded. Jacques Sauniere? Master ? Although Langdon was surprised. But he had a strange feeling that it was most likely true. After all, all the leaders of the priory are celebrities with high artistic accomplishment. This was pointed out many years ago in a newspaper article entitled "The Secret of Les Dusiers". Early priory historians and Grail aficionados have read the essay "The Secret of Les Doucles.". The essay answers the historical question: the priory's great teachers were Leonardo da Vinci, Bouterseli, Sir Isaac Newton, Victor Hugo, and most recently the famous Parisian artist Jean Cocteau. Why can't there be Jacques Sauniere? Langdon remembered the meeting that Sauniere had arranged with himself tonight, and thought it was even more incredible. The head of the Priory called to see me! Why ? Is it to chat about art? ? Obviously not 。 After all, if Langdon's feelings were correct, the head of the Priory would have handed the legendary keystone to his granddaughter Sophie and ordered her to find Langdon. This is incredible. Langdon really couldn't understand Sauniere's motives for doing so. Even if Sauniere had a premonition of impending disaster, there were three other leaders who knew the secret of the Grail,plastic laminted tube, and they could still keep the Priory safe. Why did Sauniere take such a big risk and give the keystone to his granddaughter? Besides, they've been out of touch for years. Besides, why drag Langdon into this? He's a stranger. 。“ There must be a disconnect in this mystery. Langdon thought.


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