Beastmaster Ranger

The giant Jiao, who was attacking the wall, suddenly stopped hitting, raised his head, and looked angrily into the air

The giant Jiao, who was attacking the wall, suddenly stopped hitting, raised his head, and looked angrily into the air with a pair of red eyes. Let's go, old fellow. Follow me to get the enemy. Shi Haoyu ha ha a smile, not waiting for the giant Jiao to launch an attack, has skillfully controlled the death vulture, and rushed forward at a high speed. "Brother Wolf Shadow, where are you going?" Fang Ting looked at the mount in midair and rushed forward, so she couldn't help asking. I'll go ahead and have a look. You just wait here for a moment and wait for all the scattered legions to rush forward and then bring people to keep up with them. Shi Haoyu said. All right Fang Ting answered, relaying his instructions to all the commanders. Now everyone knows that this war is of great importance, Shi Haoyu's deployment is also very careful, unless there is a last resort or the grasp of victory, the two main legions will not easily attack. After all, this is a siege battle, the ownership of the city, need our own people to control. Leading the angry giant Jiao, Shi Haoyu flew quickly between the treetops, gradually crossing a large forest map, and a dense player figure appeared in front of him. Scattered players gathered in large numbers in the forest and seemed to stop moving on. Anacreontic, help me ask,DIN screw plug, what's going on ahead? Shi Haoyu hurriedly asked in the dialogue channel. I see. Wolf Shadow, wait a moment. Anacreontic and abstruse contact those hurriedly mix in the member of solitary shadow alliance among scattered person player, ask the situation ahead. After a while, he quickly conveyed the information he got to Shi Haoyu, who was circling in the forest to avoid the attack of Jujiao. "Wolf Shadow is big, there is trouble ahead, the enemy has built numerous nets in the forest, blocking all the trees, like a defensive wall,die cast light housing, it is a headache, it is difficult for scattered players to rush past." Said the bright and profound. I see. Let me see the situation. Shi Haoyu nodded, knowing that the other side's defense would not be so simple, and sure enough, there was another situation. It is a very simple and cheap way to block the gap between the trees with iron nets, but it is much worse than the effect of the defensive wall, which can only be regarded as a simple way to temporarily block the enemy. Shi Haoyu never believed that the people of Fengshen Alliance had only such a little ability. According to the rules of the system, the map environment of the virtual world is protected by the system to a certain extent, such as the forest map, players can not use lighting torches or fire skills to burn it, unless they have specific system props. Just like the swamp map, players can't use stones or other ordinary materials to fill the swamp completely. They can only use special system props to change the terrain for a certain period of time if the rules permit. And those special system props, grocery stores will not sell at all, can only rely on players in the course of the game, from the process of killing monsters or exploring the map to obtain. So in the trophies that players kill monsters or BOSS, CNC machining parts ,Stainless steel foundry, they may get some strange items with the words "system special props", such as Shi Haoyu, there are many items of this type, but most of them are task props. Now facing the defense system deployed by Fengshen Alliance in the forest, players can not use fire or other methods to destroy them, but can only temporarily rely on their own attacks to destroy them. Shi Haoyu controlled the mount, led the BOSS to continue to rush forward, flying over the heads of a large group of players, behind him suddenly came the screams of countless players being hit by giant Jiao, but he did not care a lot now, just want to see the enemy's defense deployment quickly. Flying over the heads of a large number of players, flying over the long forest map, the crowd in front finally came to an end, only to see a large number of players stop and stand there, not far from the cold light shining, a side of the iron net opened between the trees, completely blocking the huge forest map. Behind these iron nets, we can see the figures of countless players of Fengshen Alliance, who stand in line within the defensive line of the net bag, each of them has a cylindrical prop in front of them, and the tip of the spear can be seen flashing cold light in the cylinder.. In front of the net bag and in the open area between the scattered players, there are countless corpses of players. It can be seen that not long ago, there was a tragic killing here. The scattered players wanted to get close to destroying these iron nets, but they were killed again by the enemy's flying spears! Shi Haoyu curiously flew to the front of the crowd, close to the border defense line set by Fengshen Alliance, only to find that the iron net between the trees was covered with countless layers, forming a thick isolation net, even if the players were close to attack, it would take a lot of effort to destroy it. But coupled with the flying spear array not far from the opposite side, the forest area has once again become a dead area, and the dense corpses of players on the ground can explain everything. "Look, the lonely wolf shadow is coming, and the giant beast BOSS is also coming!" "Now let the beast break through their iron net." "Rip open the net and kill them all." …… Watching the dark shadows flying over the sky, coupled with the huge body of the giant Jiao rushing from the crowd, the scattered players immediately had their eyes shining, as if they saw the hope of victory. They spontaneously split to the sides, leaving a long passage for Jujiao, leading directly to the front of the iron net defense. Through a short observation, Shi Haoyu has seen the situation here clearly, the long iron net connects the trees, like a defensive wall, blocking all the passages to the city of King's Landing, unless these thick iron nets are destroyed, otherwise it is impossible to advance half a step. However, Shi Haoyu did not take the obstruction of the iron net to heart, and the players of the Deification Alliance, who were in full battle array, were the real threat. Especially this time, the appearance of the flying spear organ made Shi Haoyu feel very bad, which meant that the enemy must have got some mechanical atlas to make such a powerful long-range killing weapon. In the world of God,deep draw stamping, in addition to the weapons and skills of the players, there are many kinds of attack weapons, such as these organs and props made by the makers and players through the production of maps and various materials.


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