The swordsman

But this slight sneer from the shade of flowers under the moon woke up a pair of first lovers who were intoxicated in love!

But this slight sneer from the shade of flowers under the moon woke up a pair of first lovers who were intoxicated in love! Zhanbai was the first to be startled. He quickly picked up Jin Caifeng, who was nestled in his arms, and shouted in a deep voice, "Who is he?" A dark shadow flashed out from the depths of the flower shade, which was really faster than electricity, and suddenly stood on the steps of the stone pavilion, as weak as the wind. Willow, jade face such as spring flowers in full bloom, beautiful hair with the wind, brocade clothes such as clouds, it is that tricky and difficult, naive girl Zhan Wan Son! Waner, however, wrinkled her nose and said with a laugh, "The moon is on the top of the willows. I made an appointment after dusk. I didn't expect that the moon had been there for half a day." High, this date has not broken up yet! Embarrassed, Zhanbai steeled himself and said, "Waner, what are you doing here?" "Yo!" "I'm here to play," said Waner sourly! Anyway, I won't let people hold me and call me sister. Annoyed by one word, Jin Caifeng suddenly raised her head and shouted, "Where did you come from, a wild girl?"? How dare you come to Jinfu in Nanjing! Withdraw from the field! "You'd better be polite when you speak," said Waner Liu Mei. "Otherwise, don't say that the girl wants you to look good." Jin Caifeng is the body of a daughter in Jin Fu's home. Even her parents and elder brothers will not say anything disrespectful to her. Waner snatched a few white words and was so angry that she trembled all over her body and said, Good! How dare you lecture me! If you don't apologize at once, don't do it again. Want to leave Jinfu alive! Waner said with a sneer, "I'm not afraid of breaking my tongue when I talk big. With you, I may not be able to keep your girl." "Filled with anger, Jin Caifeng shouted,pipe fittings manufacturer," Take it, girl with a good mouth! " When the voice came out, the master pointed straight to Waner's eyes, pushed out the right palm flat chest, and cut Waner's left rib horizontally, using the "bee play". "Rui" and "Colorful Butterfly Love Flower", two moves together, the technique is extraordinary. But Waner's martial arts are much better than Jin Caifeng's. The reason is that she happened to meet Tie Ling, the "divine monkey", in the twelve caves of Yanshan Mountain. Gong has made her one of the top masters in the martial arts world today. Jin Caifeng two strokes together, although fierce and incomparable, but her face with a contemptuous sneer,38 needle valve, at the foot of a slight slip, immediately out of the gold. In addition to Caifeng's two strokes, she followed her left palm and grabbed Jin Caifeng's right wrist "Guan yuan"! Jin Caifeng surprised, unexpectedly suddenly appeared this young girl, the technique moves unexpectedly so exquisite, no! But carelessly then dodged own two big kills, moreover also grasps to own left hand, makes the move skillfully, pinches the Huai, simply Reach the realm of deification! Especially that strong refers to the wind, unexpectedly pricks the skin to give birth to the pain, obviously its internal strength potential is big, also must be astonishing! In the midst of the golden phoenix, her right wrist suddenly sank and was almost not caught by Waner, but the wind swept her wrist, causing her pain. I almost shouted out! But Waner did not allow her to pull out and change her tactics. Her right palm was slanting like a blade, and she had already cut the golden phoenix "shoulder well"! Although Jin Caifeng managed to dodge Waner's left hand, Waner's right palm could no longer dodge, and she Their own point to Waner's eyes with an old move, want to move back to block is impossible, see Waner a palm will be cut in the golden color wind. Under!.. Don't look at Waner that soft as a boneless small palm, hydraulic fitting supplier ,38 tube fitting, under the concentration of internal force, really no less than a sharp sword, and, strength! Breaking the wind gives birth to a sharp roar, which also shows the power of this palm, which is really not small! Zhan Bai was taken aback. "Waner, stop!" He shouted. But Waner as if not heard, such as the blade of the palm, roar through the air, according to the golden wind powder white jade neck cut down. Show white body electricity shot out, left hand grasp the golden phoenix homeopathic area, throw the golden phoenix five or six steps, right hand from bottom to top. To Wan a few palms to meet! "Pa" a crisp sound, Zhanbai and Waner hard to a palm! Waner Jiao body slightly shaking, was shocked to even back three steps, just stand firm, pink face angry white, a pair of bright eyes staring at the exhibition white, a few. Want to spew fire. Jin Caifeng narrowly escaped death and was thrown out by Zhan Bai. She was also like a piece of paper, ashamed and angry... Show white palm also Feeling a burning pain, she secretly praised Wan'er for her pure martial arts and internal force, but on the surface she pretended to be extremely calm and said, "Wan!" Son, you have no quarrel with Miss King. Why did you kill her as soon as you met her? Being rescued by Zhanbai from the palm of her hand, Waner was already unhappy in her heart. Now, seeing Zhanbai speak and help Jin Caifeng, she couldn't help being full. Abdominal grievance, full of tears to the eyes. But she tried to hold back the tears from her eyes, stamped her foot, bit her lip and said, "I will never do it again in my life." May I see you!.. Then he turned around and flew away. Where to go? Look at the fight! Suddenly, behind a big tree outside the pavilion, there was a loud shout, followed by a green shadow, which shot head-on at Waner, who was galloping in the air. Go! Waner "tiptoe empty phantom" posture, has reached a superb state, although the matter from the warehouse, the bearer is full of hidden weapons quickly. Sneak attack, can be said to be sinister and dangerous, but Waner can still be calm in the face of danger, in midair, a clever "cloud inside" "Body", Jiao body waiting to raise five feet, a green shadow of the hidden weapon hit. Almost hurt Waner, even Zhanbai pinched one for her. Cold sweat! Waner loves Zhanbai so much that she suddenly discovers that Zhanbai has a tryst with another woman. She is already very angry. At this point, she was so warm. Gentle girl's heart, has long been jealous, hatred, anger, burning changed, a turn in the air, to avoid such as empty fireflies. After the hidden weapon, she was in midair, and with a sudden shout, she pounced on the man who had attacked her! At the same time, take advantage of the momentum of the next attack, move enough ten percent of the power, double palm fiercely to come head-on chop. Down! The bearer seemed to be unable to estimate Waner's figure in the air, so he hesitated to change steps in the air, dodged his unique hidden weapon, and saw Waner hit down in the air. The oncoming force is very fierce, not by the footsteps slightly setback, the hand from the back sleeve out of a brilliant sword! But just then, in another corner, a blue hidden weapon came out silently! This hidden weapon, the number is more, but also seems to blink just a hidden weapon to come fiercely,14 needle valve, obviously this second hit out of the dark. The person of the weapon is much stronger than the person of the first time in martial arts! But see the blue shadow of the sky, such as fireflies flying together, the disease roared to Wan a few weeks under the body cover!.


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