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The Nine Tripods

The Nine Tripods

The Nine TripodsThe Nine TripodsThe Nine TripodsThe Nine TripodsThe Nine TripodsThe Nine Tripods

Yu Wenliufeng, who has the belief that he will die. He also ordered those who surrounded him to be cautious. As a person who can be listed in the "Tianbang", the innate golden elixir is strong. Although not as good as Gu Yong and Zhao Danchen. But his strength is still very strong. Once desperate. It is entirely possible to drag one or two congenital golden elixirs to be buried with him. Brother Wolf Qin! In the alley over there. Just now. There was a loud bang. Did you kill an elder of Qinghu Island? There are many congenital strong people in this lane at the moment. Many of them greeted Teng Qingshan. This one! Teng Qingshan ignored them. He ran to another fork in the road ahead. In a lane on the side of the fork. Three strong men are killing a law enforcement elder of Qinghu Island. The law enforcement elder was in a mess. There are many wounds on his body. Blood is flowing. Even his right leg was broken. I can only lean on the wall. Fight to the death. Don't struggle. The three congenital strong men would rather spend more time than fight with the law enforcement elders of Qinghu Island. Haha, Xiaoyao Palace, Xueying Jiao, you three bastards, I will not let you feel better even if I die. The broken-legged elder roared, the surface of the long knife in his hand flowing with a cold black light, and all the knives brought a strong whistling sound of air, forming an air blade hitting the surrounding walls. However, two fists are hard to defeat four hands, with a strange knife, the other leg of the elder of Qinghu Island was also cut off! Poof! Both legs were broken, and the elder could not help sitting on the ground, but he was red-eyed, holding the sword with black light, and did not give up the attack. Stop it! Teng Qingshan rushed into the lane, shouted loudly,temperature check kiosk, and threw a knife in his hand. Cold light across the sky! "Clang!" The throwing knife hit the long sword of the master of Xiaoyao Palace and deflected the sword. The three men who had besieged the elder of Qinghu Island could not help but step down, frowning and looking discontentedly at Teng Qingshan. One of them, the man in purple robes from the Xiaoyao Palace, frowned and shouted, "Wolf Qin, what are you doing?"! The people of Qinghu Island ran around desperately one by one, and it was rare to stop one. And you saved him? "Keep him alive." Teng Qingshan eagerly said,face recognition identification kiosk, "On the maze map, there is no point where the treasure is!" "What?" The three men were stunned. What did you say, Qin Lang? Three people are a little confused. Ha-ha The elder of Qinghu Island, who had broken his legs, could not help laughing wildly. "Do you think that if you kill us, you can find the treasure of Emperor Yu?"? Ha ha, dream, dream! At that moment, there was a roar not far away. Die, all of you! That's the voice of Yuwen Liufeng. Ah "Ah!" Two screams sounded in succession, and the screams even resounded through the fork in the road. Teng Qingshan turned their heads and saw a figure rushing towards Teng Qingshan at a high speed. Yuwen Liufeng! Teng Qingshan's face changed greatly and he immediately retreated at a high speed. However, the three congenital strong people of Xiaoyao Palace and Snow Eagle Sect have a smaller line of sight. When Yuwen Liufeng first appeared at the fork, the three of them didn't see it at all. The three men panicked when the distance shrank to ten feet. Run! The three men did not dare to resist and turned around and fled. Ha ha, information kiosk price ,thermal imaging camera, die. His face was ferocious, his hair was disheveled, his whole body was covered with blood, his left arm was broken, there was a knife mark on his face, and one eye was blind. This is Yuwen Liufeng now! Three swords like lightning! Fast to the extreme! "Ah!" "Ah!" A series of screams, "Poof!" Yuwen Liufeng also left a wound on his body. Two dead, one wounded! Yuwen Wind Sword is fast, but not fast enough to easily kill three people at the same time. Killing two at the same time is the limit. Yuwen Liufeng! Three congenital golden elixir strong also catch up from behind, but Yuwen Liufeng does not care about these three people, just after killing two congenital elixir, he continued to kill Teng Qingshan. In his eyes- The wolf must be killed! "Qin Wolf?" Yuwen Liufeng stared at Teng Qingshan, who had fled in front of him, with one eye. "Die!" Teng Qingshan's whole body strength burst out, and every step caused the ground to tremble. With Tianya Xing, Teng Qingshan's speed was really amazing. How can. Congenital golden elixir'Yuwen Liufeng ', in the case of desperate at the moment, the speed is even more amazing. Three congenital golden elixir strong, surround and kill a Yuwen Liufeng. And let him get away? Teng Qingshan fled desperately, "too fast, his speed is too fast!" Oneself again ruthless, also one congenital empty Dan, cooperate with'Tianya Xing 'and body strength, speed can be compared with congenital solid Dan. A little faster at most. But compared with the innate golden elixir, it is far worse. Three feet, two feet.. The speed of narrowing the distance between the two made Teng Qingshan almost hold his breath. Nope Teng Qingshan's flip is a throwing knife. Clang! The sword in Yuwen Liufeng's hand was easily blocked, and the flying knife turned into powder with a sound, which did not hurt Yuwen Liufeng at all. Qin Wolf, go to hell. Yuwen Liufeng hated the man named Qin Wolf. "If it weren't for him, how could so many people die on Qinghu Island?" The sword in his hand was a very casual and ordinary stab, like piercing a piece of tofu, without whistling. A very common sword! But this sword, but let Teng Qingshan scalp tingling, such as burr in the back. The speed is so fast that Teng Qingshan has no time to dodge! "Ah!!!" Teng Qingshan roared, and his body bones shrank by one in an instant. Puff! Originally stabbed Teng Qingshan back heart vital point of a sword, because Teng Qingshan whole person instantly reduced, stabbed into the shoulder position. The sharp sword quickly pierced Teng Qingshan through the heavy armor of Xuan Iron, and then pierced the shoulder. At the same time, the innate Zhenyuan on the sharp sword burst out. Peng! Teng Qingshan took advantage of his strength to fly away, and blood flowed out of his shoulder. Uh? Why is his shoulder so hard? Yuwen Liufeng showed a trace of shock and confusion in his one eye. According to the convention, after piercing the body armor, it is usually easy to pierce into the muscle. However,temperature screening kiosk, just now the sword pierced Teng Qingshan's shoulder muscles, but it was like piercing Xuan Tie. That burst of innate yuan only made the wound a little bigger. It doesn't have the effect of exploding half of the body. Muscle, comparable to black iron? Yuwen Liufeng couldn't believe it. All of a sudden


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