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Career Life of Online Games

Career Life of Online Games

Career Life of Online GamesCareer Life of Online GamesCareer Life of Online GamesCareer Life of Online Games

While countless businessmen were hesitating, after listening to my experience, "Kongkonger" decisively bought one third of the open space around the Great Lakes from the "Xiongba Dynasty", which was won by the relevant leaders of the "Xiongba Dynasty" who also saw the interests in it. One of the huge factors is the big lake, the vast land that I made. At that time, when negotiating with the official of the Ministry of the Interior, "Kong Kong'er" said to himself: "It seems that the'Xiongba Dynasty 'does not stipulate that it is not allowed to start outside the city. What do you think it would be like if our'ink 'master suddenly, on a whim, blew up all the land south of the Great Lakes of the'Holy Spirit Island'? What to become? Fools also know that the inland lake, which could have been used as a tourist resort, will disappear completely, and even the "Holy Spirit Island" itself will be severely cut off. Faced with the threat of "emptiness", officials of the Ministry of the Interior finally nodded and agreed to sell one third of the land at a price of 5 billion gold coins for tourism development. As for the report on how to restrain players from destroying the land wantonly, which was later responded by the officials of the Ministry of the Interior, it was finally passed by the "Xiongba Dynasty" after six months (game time) of argumentation, and a series of measures were formulated to ensure the "security" of the land, which is the source of the famous "Land Law" in the game. Of course,Low Rpm Electric Motor, the current situation is that our "Iron-blooded Gate" has got a great advantage. One third of the land has been included in the "Iron and Blood Gate" assets, and a series of planning and construction have been carried out on it, which will build a huge "tourist resort" in front of all businessmen, including nearly 1000 luxury villas and so on, specially to meet the high-end needs of those players who are willing to enjoy. I went to the lake, which was later named Mochow,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, simply to find out if there was a clue to the monster hidden in the dark. According to the tremendous destructive power of the "black hole", even a monster that was several times higher than the original "Shura" commander in chief could not resist it. If the other side did not escape at the moment of the black hole, it would have to go to hell like me. However, the scouts sent to the "Holy Spirit Island" reported that they had searched all the primeval forests around the Great Lakes, and there was not only no trace of the monster behind the scenes, but also no trace of any other monsters, that is to say, all the powerful monsters I had encountered in the primeval forests had disappeared. With the addition of the North Peninsula, where there are not many powerful monsters, this "Holy Spirit Island" will become a very safe place, and there will be no need to send troops to protect it like we set up tourist development zones in other places. And once such a tourist resort is built, many players will come here to play. It can be imagined that in the near future, Brushless Gear Motor ,gear reduction motor, countless golden coins will be continuously drilled into the pockets of the "Iron-blooded Gate". Of course, these are not the things I care about most. My biggest concern is the disappeared monsters, where did they go!? Even if that "black hole" is really powerful, even if it can really rely on the storm it generates to suck some players on the edge of the primeval forest into it, it will never eliminate all the monsters. The player's strength is not very good, that's all. Among those monsters, there are not only monsters, but also spirit beasts. If I had moved on, I would have met a more powerful monster. So even these monsters can't escape? I don't believe it. Combined with what had happened before, I had an absurd idea in my mind that all the monsters I had met before were false things. Yes, they are probably all illusions, illusions "created" by the real owner of the primeval forest, illusions that confuse people's minds. First of all, it uses strength to gradually strengthen the large monster group to wear down the player's will. When the player finally retreats in the face of the unbeatable monster, he will enter the empty space like I did before, and then he can't move to face the disgusting monster and suffer inhuman torture. Now that I think about it, the fact that my substantive "spiritual power" crossed with the other side at the beginning is strange in itself. The other side is a real monster, so why does the "spiritual power" which is also an entity cross without collision? It doesn't make any sense. If we use "illusion" to explain it, it is very simple, and the substantive "spiritual power" will certainly not respond to things that do not exist. If we continue to speculate like this, then the monster I saw before is an illusion, which is the standard to test the player's strongest strength, which explains why there is no normal death player who is killed by the monster. That empty space was an illusion, and all my feelings at that time could be illusions, all false images produced by my own head. And the only real thing is their own "spiritual power", although they can not feel the falsity of things, but they can freely be independent of the illusion, but also allow themselves to use magic, "Sumi Realm" or "Space Law Array" which only requires "spiritual power" skills. In this way, the monster that was hiding in the dark was not necessarily near me, and it was very likely that it was secretly operating in a very distant place. Think that you can use "spiritual power" to create illusions for others with dark magic at a distance of 10000 meters, and that monster can certainly do the same, or even farther. That is to say, there is a good chance that the monster who is good at illusion is not dead. But now our scouts have searched the whole primeval forest countless times, but did not find any monster shadow, scouts themselves are safe, without any accidents. Originally, the matter was over, but considering that the other party was likely to come back,Small Geared Motors, and that we had invested a full five billion gold coins, after discussing with "Kongkong", I set foot on a land that brought me unpleasant experiences again.


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