Through the Overhead "Fast through is not the cannon fodder of cannon fodder" author: like water years, fleeti

Through the Overhead "Fast through is not the cannon fodder of cannon fodder" author: like water years, fleeting years.

As long as this kind of weapon is thrown on the opponent's military base, the more advanced the equipment is, the faster it will be destroyed, then only low-end weapons can be used in the decisive battle. In fact, in this state, because the place where the electromagnetic pulse weapon is used, there is no image to be reproduced. Only then did Yu Ying realize that there was no need for her to be afraid, and that no one else would know what was going on in that company. Thinking of this, Yu Ying woke up. But at this time there is no need to lie, Yu Ying said: "In fact, someone used electromagnetic pulse weapons, is my guess.". After all, I didn't see it with my own eyes, but my father's mobile phone was really broken for no reason, even the mobile phone card was broken. After listening to Yu Ying's words, the black uncle nodded and said, "It seems that you should have used that kind of thing, so you didn't see anything else?" In fact, what the black uncle cares about is whether Yu Ying has seen anything else? As for the electromagnetic pulse, when Yu Ying said it, she also used a tone of doubt, not an affirmative sentence. Something else? No! After all, I'm not from Mallorca, and I dare not look at anything. Yu Ying said. At that time, Yu Ying did not want to get involved in other things at all, shaking her head. At that time,24v Gear Motor, my task was to save my father. I didn't want to take care of other people's affairs at all. If those people hadn't found our traces, I wouldn't have shot with them at all. After all, it's not my own business. It's better to take care of it less. Yu Ying said with a straight face. Yeah, too. The black uncle thought for a moment and said. The new agent, who has good skills, obviously does not like to stir up trouble, which is understandable, after all, she is a woman,12v High Torque Motor, and is a minority in the United States. In fact, this kind of person can generally live longer, because curiosity is not strong. But in this extraordinary period, can you live for a long time? Still hard to say, after all, they are agents, even when the whole country is in turmoil, which requires them to come out to safeguard the interests of the whole country. The black uncle knows that the shops are closed now. Even if many people have money, they will gradually be unable to find food. This is a trouble. Even if people don't eat for a day, they will be hungry. Once the supply of food and drink is not available, it means that those who can not eat will cause trouble everywhere. And many people who are forced to abide by the laws and regulations will gradually begin to expand themselves because of the lack of law enforcers and other reasons, so the original legal binding is greatly reduced. Just like now, the government sends people to distribute food to the people, but some people with guns kill the people who distribute food and rob the food. Thinking of this, the black uncle said, "Liu Ying, from today on, as a member of DHS, Planetary Gear Motor ,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, you will have to work very hard." "I know." Yu Ying nodded and said. Now I'm going to introduce you to the domestic form. The black man said, "Now there are many people who have forgotten that they are still human beings. They all think they are God. In fact, they are thugs." At this point, the black uncle said in a deep voice, "But among these people, there are several factions." Hearing this, Yu Ying did not feel funny, because this is the truth. She didn't say anything at the moment, because what the black uncle wanted to say was very important, and it was better to listen to what the uncle said. First of all, there are a group of people who claim that for the sake of human survival, they should destroy all the sick people as the source of infection. Black uncle said here, do not know what to say? Even though there are too many sick people this time, it is a big trouble, but it does not mean that others have the right to destroy them, obviously should take good care of them, try to make them better. They are called "sweepers" because their slogan is to clean up the sick people in the world, kill them, and then set fire to them, so as to cut off the source of infection. Said the black uncle. Hearing this, Yu Ying's face changed slightly, because how to look at it, Yu Ying felt that it was the person who killed the original owner's family, the so-called sweeper organization. "Since they want to clean up others, they should not dare to get sick themselves, so they must have some preparation, I do not know if they are wearing gas masks?" Yu Ying raised the first question. At the same time, Yu Ying pondered in her heart: the exchange of information is too important, DHS really has its own channels, then Yu Ying will know, and the general public is indeed generally concealed. Chapter 16 change the copy. "Yes, Liu Ying, you guessed right." The black uncle nodded and said. The black uncle looked at Yu Ying's eyes with an unconscious look, saying that the Asian woman was not short, more than 1.7 meters, belonging to the Asian people who are not short. The Asian face makes her look very small. She should be 22 years old now, but she still looks like a minor. But look at those black eyes, but with indescribable wisdom. But speaking of it, this should be a Chinese, so the black uncle is not too surprised, after all, the Chinese who can keep pace with the Jews is a nation that has emerged many intelligent people. But at this time the black uncle, itself is to introduce the situation to Yu Ying, at this time will naturally be more detailed introduction. Secondly, the original gangsters were not honest. By this time, their power had expanded, and they even dared to rob the government's special supply of food and medicine for the citizens. When the black uncle said this, his face was full of perseverance. Because that group of guys, is a gang of robbery bastards, black uncle scolded in the heart, not only the problem of robbery, but also involved in the killing, once this goes on, who dares to send supplies? If this continues, the general public will have nothing to eat and will starve to death. But the current situation is that some people send food, not to mention being robbed,Gear Reduction Motor, even the human life of sending food is not guaranteed. If this vicious circle continues, no one dares to send food, then it will only make more people unable to survive.


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