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The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.

The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.

The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.The Demon Concubine of the Temple is so sweet.

The king of the east placed me in a corner, and the wide sleeve of ink and wash waved away at Qi's cheek. In an instant, Qi Kui's left face was fanned and swollen, and even his speech was somewhat slurred. King Donglin, how dare you attack me! Qi Kui glared and pointed at the king in the east, so angry that his face turned blue. King Donglin's Heavenly Sword came out of its scabbard and said coldly to Qi Kui's crotch, "Do you do it yourself, or will the king do it for you?" Qi Kui shook his head in disbelief and shouted, "Crazy, crazy!"! You killed me for her! Don't you know that if you kill me, Donglin will be destroyed? Donglinwang's Heavenly Sword is like a flexible snake, shaking the body of the sword violently and poking the vital point of Qi Kui. With a low curse, Qi Kui did not hesitate to take advantage of the chaos to drill through the East King's crotch and flexibly flashed out of the window. East to the king a vigorous palm wind with lightning toward the window sill, the windowsill made of pear flower ancient wood was completely smashed, Qi Kui body fig leaf was also smashed. Embarrassed Qi Kui paused for a moment, still climbed out of the window, reprimanded the king of the east, "you commit the following offense, is it to rebel?" King Donglin picked up the Heavenly Sword and stabbed Qi Kui in the crotch. With a little arrogance, he replied, "It's okay to rebel!" Qi Kui protected his body with the black gas all over his body, but the sword of the King of the East was so fast that he had no time to react and only subconsciously deflected half an inch to the side. Ah- "Qi Kui screamed, pulled out the sword on his thigh, and blood flowed wantonly." King Donglin, what kind of hero is a sneak attack! Why don't you and I have a good fight sometime? Qi Kui already did not cover up his body,Vending Machine Motor, standing straight out of the window, eagle-like sharp eyes across the East King, staring straight at me. There was nothing to see about Qi before, but now when he touched his eyes, he was so disgusted that he didn't want to see it again. I grabbed the Xuanyuan Sword on the ground and turned it into a thousand small swords. "Die!" Qi Kui crossed his arms, blocked in front of his chest, muttered in his mouth, and the black gas on his body became more and more intense. With the power of the Demon God, I curse you for life and death! A sinister curse suddenly came out of Qi's mouth,Micro Gear Motor, and his body became more and more transparent. The thousands of small swords I had conjured up did not hurt him, but were all destroyed by his powerful hostility. Qi Kui said, "Baili Song, you remember, this life, forever, you can only be my man!" Holding the hilt of the Xuanyuan Sword in my backhand, I suddenly lifted the divine power and moved it in front of him. The blade, as thin as a Zen wing, penetrated his chest with a "swish" sound. King Donglin wanted to follow up the victory with a fierce divine power that ran through heaven and earth. He was transformed into a white dragon and split at him with a sword that cut the sky. Boom The thunder was deafening. Whoa- The rainstorm suddenly hit Qi Kui like a blade, causing him to bleed like a spring. The next moment, the king of Donglin shouted loudly, and the light as bright as lightning turned into a sword that could shake the sky and the earth, and approached Qi's Dantian. Do it with ease! Qi Kui with gurgling black gas for the screen, laboriously blocked the attack of the king of the east, the body was scraped bloody, but the most critical Dantian place, micro gear motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, unexpectedly happened to escape all attacks. Bad people, bully your mother and kiss you, little darling, cut you! The little boy, holding a light yellow umbrella, suddenly emerged from the grass. He pulled out the dagger in his boot and slashed Qi's ankle. A poke, a pick, and then use the blade to pull the calf, Qi's hamstring should be broken. He knelt on one knee, looked at the little boy with a sharp knife in his hand in amazement, and slapped him. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Three questions today: 1. What's the name of Ye Xiu's cat? ? 2. Who is the person Yunjin likes? ? 3. The male partner in the book Who do you like best? Answer one question correctly 66xxb, and so on ~ (This benefit is limited to genuine subscribers only) Volume III Chapter 47 Moon Battlefield (Second Watch) I took a deep breath, picked up the wolf pen on the table, and wrote eight big characters on the rice paper, "One is not two wide, each is happy." Wang Ye, don't be sad. You still have Zhiyi! Li Zhiyi floated out of the ground, swept the dust in his hair, and walked towards me. Joke! Why should I be sad? It's just a blind widower, and the young master never takes it to heart. I murmured in a low voice, and when I thought of the King of the East, I was angry. Li Zhiyi gazed at me affectionately, the whole person leaning on my chest, weak and boneless hands for me along the gas, "Wang Ye said yes!"! Wang Ye is so charming that there is no need to put the blind widower in his heart. I was not used to her approach, and I wanted to refuse, but I was afraid of hurting her heart. She seemed to see my intention and said confidently, "Wang Ye, whether you love me or not, I am the princess you are marrying. You will not suffer at all if you cooperate with me." "Oh?" So calm Li Zhiyi, I am the first time to see, it is inevitable to give birth to some interest, more than a look at her. Li Zhiyi made a reasonable analysis and said, "First, the marriage between West Vietnam and North Li virtually resolved the war between the two countries.". Although Wang Ye had never been on the battlefield, he married me, which was equivalent to resolving the deadlock between the two countries, and he had his own merits. Second, the north glass government and the public are in turmoil, and Wang Ye has the backing of Xiyue, so he naturally has a lot of confidence. Besides, my brother has no interest in politics. If you treat me well, Xiyue will be in your pocket in the future. Her earnest appearance is quite touching! The eyes of the slender phoenix are flowing, the nose is white, the lips are red and the teeth are white, and the most wonderful thing is the slender swan neck. I thought for a long time and then asked, "Have I seen you before?" Li Zhiyi stared round in surprise and thought for a moment before shaking his head and denying, "I've never seen it before.". Although Wang Ye looks very similar to the Saint of Illusion, his personality is quite different. The spirit of the saint is pressing, kind and sincere. "Wang Ye is domineering and sharp-edged, which is what Zhiyi likes." I sighed to myself, why do these people always like to compare me with the saint of fantasy? I am who I am, and I never need to compare with others. Seeing that I was in a bad mood, Li Zhiyi repeatedly changed the subject,Small Dc Gear Motor, "Wang Ye, the wedding procession of Xiyue is already waiting at the border of Beili. Shall we set off quickly?" I glanced in the direction of Wang yuan in the east, holding my breath all the time.


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