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Why does she have a grudge against those hens

Why does she have a grudge against those hens

Why does she have a grudge against those hensWhy does she have a grudge against those hens

Wesley 113 (original)Wesley 113 (original)Wesley 113 (original)Wesley 113 (original)Wesley 113 (original)I snorted: "In order to get all the chickens back, how crazy he Keren went, but now she must still owe one, she did not know that it fell into our hands, but suddenly it was like nothing happened." Bai Su shook his head. "No, she took action." Huang Tang and I were stunned: "What action?" "She insisted on coming back from the hospital," said Bai Su. "That's what she did!" I sneer: "That 365 locks in the cage, she returns to the chicken farm, that hen can escape?" Bai Su is very calm: "I think the reason why she wants to catch all the separated hens is that none of them can return to the chicken farm. When she knows that there is still one left, she will come back and watch to see if it has fled back to the chicken farm." "Why does she have a grudge against those hens?" Asked Huang Tang. Bai Su did not despise Huang Tang's question, but nodded solemnly. For a moment, Huang Tang was frustrated, but I vaguely thought of something, but the red silk seemed to understand it all, and breathed a sigh of relief. I can't help but wonder.. Is there anything that Red Aya can understand before me? I really don't understand. Later, Bai Su explained: "Hong Ling's vision and mind are different from ours. Her basic education comes from her grandmother who has become an immortal. So she has a cosmic mind, which is quite different from our earthly mind.". Many ideas, as far as the mind of the earth is concerned, are absurd and incredible, and are naturally denied. But in the mind of the universe, it is taken for granted and simple. We don't understand: "you didn't get to that heart of the Matt." Bai Su said, "For example, you can't understand this. She can, because her field of knowledge is universal, so she understands that all kinds of life exist equally and have equal status." Buddha said: All living beings are equal. But you think that man is life. I am still not convinced: "What about you?"? Why did you perceive this before I did? Bai Su laughed and said, "It's no use for you to envy me. It's my feminine intuition." This is a later discussion, and I have to admit this point. In particular, I need to point out that some so-called "there is no such thing", "impossible", "too absurd", and even the seemingly authoritative "unscientific" and so on, are just people who hold such views, whose field of knowledge is too narrow. But at that time,ultrasonic cutting machine, although I was confused, I just thought about it. I said, "Is she here, waiting for the hen to escape?" Bai Su said, "Ah, that reminds me …" Let the hen come back, maybe there will be some confusion, let us find something. Huang Tang does not know why: "That hen..." I explained the situation to him, and he said, "This is a wonderful plan. Let's see what's strange between these people and chickens." "Well," I asked, "is it too late to deal with the rooster?" Both Bai Su and Hong Ling agreed. I sighed, "In order to deal with those two chickens, we have used so many tricks!" "Since the rooster can see through the surveillance device, it's worth scheming," said Bai Su. I suddenly remembered: "Now that the other side knows that there is surveillance equipment, there will be no change under the surveillance settings." At this point, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, I suddenly cited an example: "It's like all the evil spirits who have become spirits will not show their true colors in full view of the public." After hearing this, Bai Su's reaction was also very special. She suddenly asked a question that sounded irrelevant. She asked, "What do you say about Keren?" She seems to be particularly interested in The Legend of the White Snake. I stayed for a while: "Yes, I have this impression, you ask, is to think of..." After a pause, Bai Su said, "The heroines of The Legend of White Snake are the White Snake Spirit and the Green Snake Spirit. They are transformed into human beings and move around in the world. Among them, the White Snake is in love with a person.." I waved: "Not only love, but also become a marriage." "Later," said Bai Su, "White Snake accidentally took realgar wine. On the day of the Dragon Boat Festival, she showed her true colors. It was a big white snake that frightened her husband, Xu Xian." My interface: "That is all that Fa Hai monk is eventful.". Had it not been for Fa Hai's gossip, Xu Xian would not have known that his wife was a snake spirit and how happy she was. The snake spirit would not harm her husband, and later, she went to steal immortal grass for her husband to prove that her love was great and faithful. The story of The Legend of the White Snake is well known among the Chinese people. Bai Su suddenly brought it up, and I vaguely knew that she must have a metaphor. "However," I said, "I'm afraid the story of The Legend of the White Snake has nothing to do with what is happening in front of us." "Why not?" Asked Bai Su. I said: "Now the situation, even between He Keren and the rooster …" It's a little abnormal. I just said a sentence, Bai Su said: "This is, people and chickens, and people and snakes, are basically the same." When Huang Tang heard this, he shouted, "What?"? What are you talking about? This man.. And the rooster, you mean, between He Keren and the rooster, there is, there is. A love relationship? Bai Su and I did not answer directly, Bai Su said: "At least, the relationship between them is very abnormal." Or with the "White Snake" story, it is easier to explain, I said: "Different, the rooster has not been transformed into a human form, there is no prototype, it is a chicken. Huang Tang was shocked: "This.." This is a kind of psychopathic phenomenon called fetishism. Of course, I have already thought of this, so I think the current situation is different from the Legend of White Snake. In The Legend of the White Snake, it was the snake spirit who became a human being, and Xu Xian did not know about it, so he fell in love. Today's situation, He Keren is facing a rooster. If she has a love affair with that cock, it's a terrible, serious psychopath, a kind of fetishism. When the fetishism reaches a serious level, it is really terrible. Psychopaths may not only fall in love with any creature, but also with any object, and even dead bodies can become the object of love! He Keren's behavior, even from the most tolerant point of view, can not be said to be normal. Now that it was discovered that the situation between her and the rooster was so ambiguous that she was a serious psychopath, it seemed certain. Huang Tang's words, to me,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, played the role of a shock, I am busy: "Exactly!" " As I spoke, I involuntarily gave my foot a heavy pause.


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