Minnesota Twins Series Preview: That all, folks

Minnesota Twins Series Preview: That all, folks

It all started with a chilly Opening Day slugfest on April 1 against the Rangers and it all ends this weekend against the Minnesota Twins. This season has somehow been just mindnumbingly slow and also basically over with one snap of the fingers. The Twins probably feel the slow part more than the fast. They came into the season as one of the favorites to be atop the division and just never could get anything going Jim Sundberg Hoodie. They spent seven total days in first this year. Their most games over. 500 was three when they were 52. The last time they were even at. 500 was when they were 55. They've been generally okay for a couple months now, but okay isn't good enough for a team that thought they would be playing long beyond Sunday. How did they get to this point The offense has been just okay, ranking in the middle of the pack in just about everything but home runs. But they've just had so many injuries throughout the season that it seems like they couldn't get anything going ever. Byron Buxton has missed a ton of time. Mitch Garver has been out for various ailments. Alex Kirilloff came up, antagonized the Royals and now he's missed a ton of time. They've gotten some really solid performances from Josh Donaldson and Nelson Cruz before he was traded and Jorge Polanco has been outstanding for awhile now. But they just couldn't stay on the field enough Terrance Gore Pet Jersey. The pitching was done in by a shoddy bullpen early and the rotation just wasn't good enough to compensate. They also had some injuries and now Kenta Maeda is out for a long time. But they traded Jose Berrios and outside of Michael Pineda, it's back to the drawing board with mostly young arms. Some look very good, but we all know about young arms.

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