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Fairy _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel Paradise

Fairy _ Wandering Toad _ txt Novel Paradise

The palace was in ruins. At a glance, only the statue stood there alone. The statue was carved by the immortal ancestor. He looked

The whole family was happy. After dinner, Mother Jiao drove the old man to sleep with her son. She talked with Su Huan for half a night. When she got up early the next day, Jiao Fei suddenly felt that the old house was a little short and narrow. She secretly said, "I'd better ask my parents to move with me and find a beautiful place to live, so as not to let people find my roots.". But how to say that? Jiao Fei was thinking about it when he suddenly heard someone knocking at the door. He seemed to be angry. He felt a little strange and went to open the door. He saw a girl with a pretty face and an angry look. Pointing at Jiao Fei's nose, he scolded her and said, "You have been missing for three years. I, Lin Xiaolian, have been waiting for you. How many people have come to my house to ask for marriage, but I have refused. I often come to take care of your parents, but I have brought them back Jiao Fei, do you think you can live up to me? Jiao Fei naturally recognized Lin Hsiao-lien, but the girl pointed at her nose and scolded her, which made him confused. He smiled and said, "Sister Lin, if you have anything to say, just say it in detail. I'm a little brainless." "Don't you know I'm engaged to you?" Cried Lin Hsiao-lien shyly. As soon as Jiao Fei thought about it, he realized that he really didn't know about it, but it was not convenient for him to defend himself at this time. He just laughed and said, "This is the marriage of my parents. I dare to talk nonsense!" When Lin Xiaolian heard that Jiao Fei did not deny it, she was even more angry. She shouted,Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale, "Then why did you bring a girl back? I haven't married the door of your Jiao family yet. You have changed your mind. Do you have conscience?" Lin Hsiao-lien made such a noise that the two elders of the Jiao family heard it. The two elders felt guilty and did not dare to come out. Instead, Su Huan curled up and came out. She saluted Lin Hsiao-lien and said, "Is this the little mistress?"? I am Mr. Jiao's maidservant. I have always heard that the little mistress has excellent needlework and looks pretty. She is better able to do housework. Today, I really don't deserve the praise of Mr. Jiao. As soon as she was called by Su Huan, Lin Hsiao-lien blushed. Jiao Fei bowed slightly and said, "Now that Sister Lin has come, I'll stay a little longer before I go home. I heard from my parents that my sister often comes to greet me,30ml dropper bottle, but I haven't been grateful yet." Jiao Fei and Su Huan sang together. Oh, Lin Xiaolian was so embarrassed that she didn't know what to do. When she wanted to go, she was pulled tightly by Su Huan and pulled into the room. When Jiao Fei's parents saw that their son had indeed brought back a servant girl, they could not help but be shocked. They said to themselves, "Miss Su Huan has an extraordinary bearing. Thanks to her willingness to be a little girl, she is actually calling a little mother." Jiao Fei let the mother Beijing to greet Lin Xiaolian, he pulled his father, secretly asked, this just know that the two families had promised a marriage. After her disappearance, Lin Hsiao-lien refused to break off her marriage, which made Jiao Fei both grateful and annoyed. She thought to herself, "It's good that I have such an extra fiancee.". It was Meng Wenzhu's sister who wanted to help me as a matchmaker, but I refused. Now it's Ding, but my parents' orders and matchmakers' words, they've been waiting for me for three years. How can I break the contract? Lin Xiaolan was full of anger. When she got up in the morning, Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle ,glass cream jars, she heard from her neighbors that Jiao Fei had brought a beautiful girl home last night. Everyone praised the beauty of the girl and marveled at Jiao Fei's return home. There were also many words about Lin Xiaolian. The girl babbled waiting for Jiao Fei to come back, and when she heard such words, it was like a thunderbolt. Even her mother didn't say anything, or ran to ask for punishment. When Su Huan explained to her carefully that she was just a maid, Lin Xiaolian turned around and felt wronged, but she refused to let Jiao Fei out, looking rather embarrassed. Jiao Fei thought for a moment and said to himself, "a man of cultivation can live for hundreds of years even if he has not become a primordial spirit. The decades of a mortal are only a short moment. Why should I be such an ungrateful person?". Even if you marry her, it's just one more person to take care of your father. Can you really delay the cultivation of Taoism? In ancient times, there were many men who had been away from home for decades, and it was their duty for their wives to do housework, either in business or in scientific research. Jiao Fei had a fixed seal in his heart, but he didn't reject the marriage. He went back to the room and saw Lin Xiao. Although the lotus Jingchai cloth skirt was natural, there were only a few bites and patches in the inconspicuous part of the skirt. Although the needle and thread were fine, they were broken after all. Lin widow brought a daughter, this, the livelihood is difficult, Lin Xiaolian family is more difficult than the Jiao family, this girl not to say beautiful clothes, even coarse cloth is only four or five years to change. Without any Rouge jewelry, Jiao Fei suddenly felt hot in his heart and felt pity for her. He said to himself, "Although I can't enjoy the happiness of husband and wife, I won't let her suffer like this again. I dare not say that she is rich and powerful, but she can always have no worries about food and clothing." When Jiao Fei saw that Lin Hsiao-lien had calmed down, he went over to separate his mother and Su Huan and said, "Sister Lin has come so early. I'm afraid Aunt Lin doesn't know. Let me take her back first." Lin Xiaolian shyly stood up, first said goodbye to Jiao Mu Wanfu, and then made an appointment with Su Huan courteously. Then she gave Jiao Fei a white look, ignored him, and went out by herself. Jiao Fei sued his parents, then chased him out, but saw Lin Xiaolian hesitating in front of him, waiting for him, saw Jiao Fei come out, Lin Xiaolian just quickened her pace a little, just Jiao Fei's Taoism, a girl like her is running, how can she escape? Jiao Fei took two steps to catch up and said with a low smile, "Sister Lin, I really don't know that you've been waiting for me for so many years. Jiao Fei remembers this kindness in his heart, but he doesn't know how to repay it.". "Here's a gift, just in case. I hope Sister Lin won't refuse." , ~ Novel Txt, Don Chapter seventy Dengtuzi Lin Hsiao-lien said shamefacedly.. Who wants your stuff? Jiao Fei laughed and said:. Always a little thought. With a touch in his sleeve, he pinched out two bracelets of pure gold. The two bracelets were beautifully carved, with seven private flowers on them,Glass Cream Jars, and seven kinds of grass plants tangled together. They were worth one or two or three or four yuan. Lin Xiaolian blushed, but refused, and was forced into her hand by Jiao Fei.


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