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Mortal Xiuxian Biography _ Forgotten Language _ txt Novel Paradise

Mortal Xiuxian Biography _ Forgotten Language _ txt Novel Paradise

Then look at the clouds sitting there, even after years of hard life, her face is still white and pure, her long hair is still black and shiny, her graceful body sits straight, shyly purses her lips and smiles, and her gentle eyes are simply intoxicating.

Long Han hesitated for a moment, but did not chase after the other monks. The old man had not been defeated at all just now, and even had a slight advantage, but now he could not get anything good to go after him. And the messenger made it clear that there must be something strange about letting them hear what they had just said! Let's see what happened. But now that the Mulan Grassland is mentioned, is it related to the abrupt people. As soon as Long Han's mind moved, he faintly guessed something. Han Li stared at the old man with the same face and different colors, watching him face the dozen or so escape lights. As soon as those evasive lights converged, more than a dozen monks with different costumes appeared. He was led by a yellow-robed monk, who was actually a monk in the middle period of yuan Ying. This surprised Han Li. It's a little strange that such a highly cultivated monk should not have appeared in the previous war. Is it an important person staying in the rear. However, this also shows that the possibility of the other side's bluff is extremely small. For some unknown reason, the old demon of Heavenly Acacia and the suzerain of Yinluo also hid in the clouds without saying a word. At the sight of the yellow-robed friar, the thin old man was shocked and showed an incredible expression. But before he could say anything. The yellow-robed monk flew to the thin old man's side. The lips moved slightly to transmit a few words. The withered old man's face darkened. Then the yellow-robed monk took out a jade slip from his body and handed it to the old man with both hands. After the old man took the jade slips, he immersed his mind in them. Moments later, his face was livid. I talked with the yellow-robed old man for a while. The old man suddenly turned around, and the haze came to Long Han again. We don't have to fight anymore. Strike at once. Otherwise, the snipe and clam will compete with each other, and the fisherman will benefit. As soon as Mulan Zhu escaped in front of Long Han, he said with unusual calmness. What does that mean! If you want a truce, give me a reason. Long Han's eyes flashed a few times and said noncommittally. Because of Han Li's unexpected power, he successively destroyed the other side's bronze armor corpse and the blue demon bird,rotary vacuum disc filters, but now on the scene, it seems that the number of winners and losers is still fifty-five. Long Han did not feel that the other side was afraid. And flinched. Did you send a group of monks to loot our warehouse in Tiantian City? The old man did not directly answer Long Han's question, but suddenly asked sullenly. Long Han was naturally surprised. On the surface, after a few flashes of his eyes, he replied unhurriedly: "It is true.". Looks like you found it! "Discovery?"? Hum, if it wasn't for a third party making trouble. Maybe you really succeeded. The old man's face flashed with anger and he calmed down and said. A third party? Long Han frowned when he heard this. "The withered old man said no more nonsense, but his lips moved slightly, and the voice of Long Han rose." What. There is such a thing! Long Han only listened to two sentences, then lost his voice and could no longer keep calm. The matter has come to this point, is it necessary for this divine teacher to lie to you? The old man said angrily. Long Han frowned together, Wall Penstocks ,rapid sand filters, hesitated for a moment, then resolutely raised his hand and released an amulet, which flew into the sky and suddenly turned into several golden balls of light, bursting open in the air. The brilliance is dazzling. Suddenly still in the hands of the friar. As soon as they saw this, they immediately stopped and quickly retreated in the direction of the friar's camp. The friar, who had already stopped, also swarmed back. I don't know what other method was used to inform the opposite priest, but he also retreated in silence. Among them, the blood ghost and the stone giant, which were particularly conspicuous, were also forcibly separated by the spell. Hold the war! In a twinkling of an eye, there was an immediate emptiness between the two. The two sides seemed to have returned to the situation before the war and separated into two sides. It's just that we've lost a lot of hands, which can be regarded as hurting our vitality. But after all, there were not too many casualties among the senior monks and monks. The Fashi camp is fine. Although everyone was a little surprised and uncertain. But still able to keep quiet. But on the friar's side, though everyone withdrew as he was told. But now there was a commotion and a lot of talk. Some high-ranking monks simply surrounded Long Han. Ask what's going on. But Long Han just kept a wry smile, which made the monks around him very dissatisfied. At this time, the clouds and fog in the sky dispersed at the same time, and the figures of the old demon and the black-robed man were revealed. Looking at each other coldly. And the sound of fighting and vision in the sky stopped in an instant, and then Wei Wuya and the people of Zhiyang fell from the sky safe and sound. This side of the friar camp suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, and everyone showed the color of reassurance. Moments later, the Confucian scholar surnamed Zhong and the dwarf also turned around from the air, and the Mulan people couldn't help cheering. Seeing that the three monks had all turned around, Long Han finally opened his mouth. However, for fear of causing panic, the news can only be circulated in a small area for the time being. So only the middle period of yuan Ying and a few monks with special status were gathered together, released a few simple prohibitions, and discussed the bad news that had just come from the Mulan people before the battle. With Han Li's performance in today's World War I, it is natural and beyond reproach to attend this meeting. Chapter 780 after the war. Han Li saw Long Han release the soundproof cover, and took out a few small flags from his body, forming a fog wall and isolated from the outside, can not help but be silent, secretly thinking about something. () There are not too many monks here, except for a few old monsters who are still trapped in the blood shield,fine bubble diffuser, there are only more than twenty people. These people naturally represent the majority of the forces involved in the war. Long Daoyou, what happened! Mulan suddenly didn't want to fight any more. Master Zhiyang opened his mouth. It's a little weird. We've come this far. Does the other side still want to make peace? Wei Wuya also had some doubts. The other side is not delusional. But if we don't want to make peace, I'm afraid we can't. Long Han gave a wry smile and said. What's going on? There are really other forces involved! The old demon of acacia wrinkled his head and asked in surprise.

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