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Ye Laotai Back to 70 -- Yan Shui Se

Ye Laotai Back to 70 -- Yan Shui Se

Eighty seconds in an instant, the woman's body quickly jumped to the front of the first zombie, giant machete along the zombie's skull cut.

???? Shi Lichun, who was lying in the hospital bed, saw him here. After not telling the reason, he was a little disappointed and pulled the corners of his mouth to the doctor who looked at him with concern. "Yes, my dad is right. I fell down by myself." ???? Shi Fugui recognized Shi Lichun after hearing him. He immediately put his heart back. "Yes, my daughter is right." ???? Then he was afraid that the doctor would talk about bruises again. He immediately changed the subject and said, "by the way, doctor, you should show her if her arm is broken.". ???? The doctor didn't say anything when he saw the little girl. Also did not pursue the question to go on, after all, these are other people's own private property is not. ???? However He did not ask, and the expression on the face of Shi Fuguo, who had come to see Shi Lichun, was not very good. After all, he was not blind. With such a purple fingerprint, he might be wrong. ???? He looked at Shi Fugui with a guilty look. He knew that his brother had something to hide from him, but as a separated family, he could not say anything. ???? That's all Shi Fuguo hid his guess in the bottom of his heart and looked at Shi Lichun lying in bed with a worried face. ???? The doctor's medical skill is very good. Shi Lichun did not suffer much, and the broken arm was taken back by the doctor. ???? At the end The doctor also asked the nurse to find a plaster to fix Shi Lichun's arm. ???? While he was in the cast. The orthopedic office was pushed away by a hurried man. ???? As soon as the man came in, he looked around the office. After looking at Shi Lichun's eyes, the man immediately exclaimed,Magnesium Oxide price, "It's really you, Xiaochun, how could you.." ???? Shi Lichun "Miss Yang." ???? Shi Fuguo and Shi Fugui are teachers. He immediately greeted her, "Teacher, why are you here?" ?? "Yes, sir. How did you know I was here?" Shi Lichun looked at Teacher Yang and asked. ?? "Oh, I came to the hospital today to get some medicine. When I went to the pharmacy, I saw your father holding you. I was worried about what happened to you, so I looked for you." Teacher Yang explained. ?? "So that's it." Shi Fugui nodded and said, "Teacher Yang really has a heart." ???? Teacher Yang "Where is it? After all, Xiaochun is the top student in the college entrance examination in our high school. If I see it, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Magnesium Oxide powder, I can't justify not coming to see it." "What?" Shi Fuguo was surprised, "Teacher Yang, you said Xiaochun was the top student in our high school college entrance examination?" ???? Teacher Yang looked at the surprised two people and said with some surprise. "Didn't Xiaochun tell you that today's college entrance examination results have come out? Xiaochun scored 608 points and is the top liberal arts student in Hainan's college entrance examination." ???? Hear that Shi Fuguo was immediately happy. "This is really good news, this is really good news." ???? The doctor who gave Shi Lichun a plaster cast heard this. She also looked at Shi Lichun with some surprise. "I didn't expect that your grades would be so good, little girl." ???? Shi Lichun smiled at him. "Yes, yes.". ?? "It's all right here and there." Shi Fuguo said, "Your grades are all top students. If you want to go to any university, you can pick it at will. Where is it OK to say in the past?" ???? Teacher Yang is hearing this. He also nodded to Shi Lichun and said, "Yes, Xiaochun, your grades are all right in Beijing University and Qingdao University." ???? Say that She was still a little worried and asked the doctor, "by the way, doctor, Koharu is going to fill in her application these days, her hand.." ???? Doctor "That is a problem. The arm she broke is her right hand. You cant be tired these days.". ???? Teacher Yang thought about it. "Well, Xiaochun, you think about what kind of volunteer you want to fill in, and tell your teacher in charge of the class on the day you fill in the volunteer, and let the teacher help you fill in the volunteer." ???? Shi Lichun nodded "Yes, thank you, sir.". ?? "You're welcome, that's the way it should be.". ” ???? While they're talking. Shi Fugui's heart could not help but remember this sentence in his heart. ???? Ye Xiyu here is still worried about what disaster Shi Lichun will encounter. So after a period of time, I also made a phone call to the Shi family and wanted Shi Lichun to pay more attention these days. ???? But this call went through several times. They all rang and were pressed off. ???? Ye Xiyu heard another empty sound. Do not know how to feel not quite right, "Xiaobai, Xiaochun sister will not be an accident." ???? The little white snake shook its tail without making a sound. 。 ???? Seeing this, she picked up the phone and called Ling Zhijie's office. After a beep, the phone was picked up. "Hello?" "Uncle Ling, I am Xiaoyu." ?? "Oh, little fish." Ling Zhijie, who was reading the documents in the office, chuckled after hearing the voice of Ye Xiyu. "So I thought of calling my uncle today?"? Want to eat seafood? ???? Ye Xiyu was a little embarrassed when he heard this. "Well, I didnt call your uncle today because I wanted seafood.". ?? "Eh?" Ling Zhijie raised his eyebrows. "What's wrong with that?" ???? Yexi fish "Uncle Ling, I feel that something has happened to sister Xiaochun, so I call you and want you to help me find someone to see sister Xiaochun like this." ?? "What is the situation?" Ling Zhijie asked with a straight face. ???? Yexi fish "Today, the results of the college entrance examination came out. When I was on the phone with Sister Xiaochun just now, I heard her family quarreling with her.." ???? After Ye Xiyu told what had happened. Ling Zhijie also noticed something was wrong. "Ok,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, uncle, find someone to help you inquire about it." ?? "Well," Yexi Fish nodded. ???? After Ling Zhijie hung up the phone with Ye Xiyu. He arranged for a man to inquire about Shi Lichun's family.

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