The Complete Biography of Mortal Xiuxian

This is undoubtedly good news for blowing songs. You know, in this game, life equipment is the rarest, who has seen epic life equipment, it is absolutely a legend ah!

"Hey, hey!"! Elder Martial Brother Headmaster, speaking of this Zhuji Dan, you gave it to me! Han Li is happy in his heart. Said with a smile on his face. I Now Zhong Lingdao is out of his mind. Why doesn't he have this impression? "Headmaster, have you forgotten that three of the people who came out of the Forbidden Area alive have won the reward of building the base, and I am one of them!" Han Li finally put away his smile and said earnestly. Are you the registered disciple of Martial Uncle Li? Zhong Lingdao could no longer keep calm and was moved. Yes, I am indeed Li Shizu, the disciple of that trip to the Forbidden Area! Han Li did not deny it. Admit it in one mouthful. I see. I said the name of Han Li. Why does it sound so familiar? It turns out that Younger Martial Brother is the disciple who made a lot of noise in the valley two years ago! The look of surprise in Zhong Lingdao's eyes was stronger, but his tone of voice was more kind. The meaning of Zhong Lingdao is very clear. Now that Han Li has built a foundation, it is basically a sure thing to become a formal disciple of Martial Uncle Li in the future. Naturally, he does not want to have a grudge against Han Li. And he thought to himself: "In this way, this Younger Martial Brother Han is very lucky to succeed in building the foundation. Otherwise, with the other side's aptitude, it is absolutely impossible to build the foundation!" Although Zhong Lingdao murmured in his heart, it was natural on the surface. Li polite a few words, then let Han Li wait for a moment, he went to take the name. Han Li naturally promised, and then waited for the return of the other party. After a cup of tea,whirlpool hot tub spa, Zhong Lingdao finally came in with a white jade certificate in his hand. Then in front of Han Li ground, with a gold lacquer pen, in the bottom of the numerous names on the jade certificate, wrote Han Li's name taboo. At last he is registered! When Han Li saw this, he was delighted and knew that in this way, he could justifiably own the cave mansion. Zhong Lingdao often handled such chores for the newly built disciples. As soon as he saw the smile on Han Li's face, he naturally guessed what Han Li was thinking. So after a slight smile,endless swim pool, he took out three middle-order Lingshi and five small flags shrouded in thin white fog from his storage bag and handed them to Han Li. What is this Han Li to give the middle order spirit stone, but also can understand a few points, this may be a kind of reward for the disciples of Zhuji in the door! But what are these five palm-sized flags for? From their strange appearance and aura, it seems that they are not ordinary instruments, they are very strange! But before Han Li could open his mouth to ask, Zhong Lingdao turned over his hand and handed a jade slip to Han Li, then explained: "These spirit stones are a one-time reward for every disciple who has just built a foundation.". Every year after that, there will be a free distribution of middle-order Lingshi, without any chores for you! "As for these flags, they are necessary to open up the cave house. Although the array they set up is only the simplest small array, it is enough to resist the invasion of mortals or wild animals!"! Of course, if the Younger Martial Brother is proficient in the array, 4 person jacuzzi ,hot tub manufacturers, he can naturally not use these flags. In addition, there are tips and manipulation techniques in this jade slip. Of course, I also copied some things that should be paid attention to after building the foundation. Younger Martial Brother, you can take a closer look when you go back. "Elder Martial Brother Lao Headmaster!" Han Li took it with both hands and thanked him repeatedly. These are indeed the things that Han Li needs most at present, which makes him overjoyed! After everything was done, Han Li and the headmaster Zhong chatted for another stick of incense before leaving the Hall of Assembly. After leaving the stone hall, Han Li wanted to fly out of Huangfeng Valley immediately to find the place to open the cave house in person. But on the way, after looking through the jade slips given by Zhong Lingdao, Han Li immediately changed his mind, turned around and flew to other places. The name "Kirin Pavilion" is very powerful and loud! It is also one of the most important places in Huangfeng Valley! Because this is a special place for breeding and domesticating spirit animals in the valley. The "spirit beast" is actually a monster. When the monster is tamed by the immortal, it naturally becomes the so-called spirit beast! Most of the spirit beasts in the Kirin Pavilion are only first-class spirit beasts. Even if there are individual second-class spirit beasts, they are placed here by other people and cannot be driven at will. However, even if it is only a first-class spirit beast, it also provides many convenient services for the disciples in the valley. For example, carrying people instead of walking, guarding portals, looking for elixirs, assisting in attacking the enemy, and so on. Han Li, however, came here for a monster called "Double Pupil Mouse". This kind of spirit beast, which looks like an ordinary mouse but is born with divine eyes, was recommended by Zhong Lingdao to Han Li in the jade slips. He is the best helper to find the location of the cave house! This kind of monster, whose eyes can easily see through the fog, rivers, trees and other obstacles that hinder the sight of ordinary immortals, and its nature also likes to drill holes in the most dense places to make nests. Therefore, after a little training, this pair of pupil mice is the best spy to find the land of spiritual eyes! Very popular with Yachi's disciples! Han Li is not the first time to Kirin Pavilion here, but several times before, when handling affairs, he hurried past the door. So I'm not completely new here. When he came down from the sky and landed on the whole green hill belonging to the Qishou Mountain Welcome Platform of the Kirin Pavilion, a low-level female disciple immediately came over and gave Han Li a courtesy: "Is this Martial Uncle here to rent a spirit beast?" After saying this crisply, the female disciple, who was only sixteen or seventeen years old, could not help but look forward to it. When Han Li saw this, he opened his mouth with a faint smile: Are there any free double-pupil mice on the mountain now? I'll rent one and use it for two days! Yes, of course! I'll give one to Martial Uncle! When the female disciple heard this, she looked pleased and said happily. Chapter two hundred and twenty spring of the spirit eye After the disciple went to fetch the spirit beast, Han Li waited quietly at the welcoming stage, just measuring the prohibitions everywhere. In addition to the top of the mountain where Han Li is located,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, the rest of the spirit beast mountain is divided into different sizes of spirit beast habitats by a colorful forbidden array. Every forbidden and closed place is a place for the domestication of spirit animals, and no one is allowed to enter except the rotating disciples of the Kirin Pavilion. For fear that strangers will disturb the spirit beast, or that the untamed spirit beast will hurt outsiders.

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