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My charming young master.

My charming young master.

Zhong Yu hugged Tingting, who was somewhat unwilling to let go of his hand and watched him turn around and walk towards the gate. Fu Yan has never lost a fight since he was a child, and Tingting is still worried about following him. As soon as Zhong Yu opened the door, Fu Yan rushed up and

"Just say, I may not be able to teach him swordsmanship for the time being, and when things are done here, if he still needs me, I'll go back." When Wen Yin said this, he looked a little lonely again and murmured, "For the rest, I'll explain when I get back." But at this time, no one expected that the barrier of time would last for such a long time. Wen Yin and so on, is a full two years. Chapter 52 Jingzhou City is located in the north of Daye, near mountains and rivers, near Lingqu Mountain, the highest peak in the north, and near Qingyang River, which stretches for thousands of miles. The source of Qingyang River is in Lingqu Mountain. The terrain of Jingzhou is steep, which is a natural and dangerous place. Outside the city, the rocks and sand are all over the sky, and all the fields are yellow, except for a lonely ancient city. However, such a wild ancient city, because it is close to the largest fortress of Daye and passes through Tianguan, has become an important part of the battle. Two years ago, there was a war between Jincha and Daye, and the war swept across the whole land again. Until now, it has not ended. At this time, the city of Jingzhou was already desolate, and the smoke of gunpowder was near. Many people had already packed up their things and left here. The city was covered with sand and dust, and the streets and alleys were empty everywhere. Only under the corners of a few dilapidated houses could we see a few people lying on the ground who did not know whether they were alive or dead. Catastrophe is coming, the army of Jin Cha has already been waiting at the foot of Lingqu Mountain not far away, but the army of Daye Dynasty has never been seen, the city of Jingzhou is filled with dead air, those who can walk have already left, and those who stay behind are mostly injured, seriously ill or old and weak. There is an Academy in the east of Jingzhou. The Academy is small and very simple. It is almost impossible to find its existence in the narrow streets and alleys. There is a tree in the Academy,Alumina Ceramic C795, which is probably the only green in the town full of yellow sand. The tree is not big, as if it had just been planted, and it is swinging weakly in the wind. Under the green tree, which is no more than one person high, are standing two teenagers of twelve or thirteen years old. The boy hung his head, looking somewhat depressed and stubborn. The city of Jingzhou had already been looted several times. The clothes of the two teenagers were also damaged and dirty. One of them had a bloodstain on his lapel, as if he had just been injured. One of the teenagers seemed to be unable to stand the silence. He pulled his clothes tightly until his face was stiff, his knuckles were white, he bit his lower lip tightly, and his eyebrows were angry. A Jiu. Seeing the man's appearance, the blood-stained young man beside him quickly changed his look and grabbed the wrist of the young man named Ah Jiu. As soon as Ah Jiu shook off the young man's hand behind him, he frowned and suppressed the anger in his chest and said, "It's all Koharu's fault!" "Ah Jiu!" The boy shook his head with a pale face and said painfully, "Xiaochun doesn't want to, either. It's not like this.." If not, who is he? If it wasn't for him, how could Monsieur have died? A Jiu's eyes were red and he clenched his teeth and said, cordierite c520 ,Ceramic Band Heater, "yuan Zi, don't speak for him. If it weren't for the trouble of Xiaochun, he would have to go back and look for something. The gentleman would be in order to save him." If it weren't for him, sir would be fine now! The boy, who was called yuanzi, was stunned. He shook his head hesitantly and said, "But.." "What else is there?" With a livid face, Ah Jiu pushed yuan Zi away and walked to the room behind him. The room was tightly closed, and Ah Jiu did not knock at the door. He knocked it open without hesitation. He frowned and said in a cold voice, "Old monster, get out of the way!" The room was very dark, and even an oil lamp on the table in the room could not drive away the darkness. The room was very simple, but there were tables, beds, and a few empty cabinets. Lying on the bed is a lethargic thin teenager, should be a nine mouth said Xiaochun, and in Xiaochun bedside, there is another figure sitting. The man turned his back to Ah Jiu and could not see his face clearly. By the light, he could only see his thin outline. · Thousands of miles away, Yanzhou. There is a restaurant in the city of Yanzhou, which is not the largest restaurant in the city, but it is the most lively place in the whole Yanzhou. Because this restaurant has the best wine in Yanzhou, there are always many people who come to admire it. The flames of war are still far away, the city of Yanzhou is still bustling, the restaurant is very lively, two people are playing and singing in the corner of the window, playing a lively tune, singing sad words. Some of the people in the building were already drunk, humming in a low voice according to the tune, while others raised their glasses but did not drink, listening in a trance, but seemed to be waiting for someone to appear. Outside the building is the broad Qingyang River, walk along the river, walk to the end of Lingqu Mountain, is the battlefield. However, the smoke of the battlefield did not flow downstream, and the Qingyang River was still as clear and calm as ever, flowing to the invisible sea. On the river, a few white birds flew across the river bank and disappeared. At this time, a line of people suddenly walked in outside the gate of the restaurant. The people in the restaurant seemed to be waiting all the time, so when the group stepped into the restaurant, all the voices in the building disappeared in an instant. Only the blind man in the corner is still bowing his head and concentrating on playing the piano. Everyone's line of sight at the same time to the group of people, and from the outside into a line of people, the leader was a woman. The woman looks very young, exquisite and petite, suddenly looks like a little girl who has not experienced the world, it seems that as long as a string of ice-sugar gourds can be soft and waxy smile. However, she has a pair of quiet and deep eyes, as if a glance can make people lose the ability to speak. She walked into the restaurant in silence, followed by the people behind her, and it was only at this time that people saw that there were dozens of people behind her. The restaurant, which was already busy, was filled with people in an instant. After the woman entered the restaurant, she first looked around and then accurately found the man sitting in the back who was in a daze. She stepped forward and asked in a low voice, "Lord Chen?" The man's eyes had been on the woman since then. Now she asked a question. The man immediately stood up and hurriedly answered,ceramic igniter electrodes, "Miss Wen Yin?" The woman who came in from outside the word was Wen Yin. Two years of time in the body of Wen Yin did not make too many changes, and the same, Yanzhou City did not change too much.

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