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"I've used it a few times," said Yu Caiyi. "It doesn't work. Niang has to find a way." Think of the mystery of the crystal ball, and the hope is endless. Li Fengyan evil smile: "It's time to cure, but we have to find out the relationship betw

"I've used it a few times," said Yu Caiyi. "It doesn't work. Niang has to find a way." Think of the mystery of the crystal ball, and the hope is endless. Li Fengyan evil smile: "It's time to cure, but we have to find out the relationship between her and that bitch."? Otherwise, you will help the other party. Qin Xiaoyi is always unwilling to respond to the word "bitch", and always feels that the other party has poor self-cultivation and is not worth paying attention to. But Zhang Meiren scolded her in her heart: "You are just cheap!" "She is that daughter of aunt Qin," said Yu Caiyi. "Aunt Qin was capture back to the island a few days ago. She didn't really fall in love with her fath. Mother, don't get me wrong. Li Fengyan rebukes: "What Qin Auntie, call so intimate, still say to have nothing to do with!" Yu Caiyi stuck out her tongue and said, "Improve next time." Zhang Meiren scolds coldly: "Is your that monkey husband clings to my mother, is simply shameless!" " "He's your father-in-law," Li Fengyan shouted. "How dare he speak rudely? Do you want me to teach you a lesson?" When Yu Tianjun made a gesture, he quickly stopped her. Li Fengyan laughed and said, "Don't worry, Juner. Niang is just scaring her. Anyway, she has lost her heart. If she says anything, Niang won't take it to heart. She has to be cured first." When Yu Tianjun felt a little at ease, Li Fengyan turned to Yu Donghuang and said coldly, "It's you, a lady-killer, who dares to seduce wild women everywhere. Why don't you come with me? Let's settle the account slowly!" Then forced to jade east emperor, long whip whip if drive cattle. Emperor Yudong thought it would be better to solve the problem in private. He smiled at Qin Xiaoyi and said, "Sister Yi, I'll be right back." Li Fengyan said angrily,stainless steel tile edging, "Sister Huanyi?"? Be careful that I castrate you! With a whip, he chased Yu Donghuang back. Both swept back. If Li Fengyan had not learned that Qin Xiaoyi had been kidnapped here recently, his feelings would not have been overflowing, and he would have easily spared the other party. Qin Xiaoyi has always been indifferent, the original revisit still has a trace of apology, at this time all swept away, more disgusted with the Jade East Emperor, even to the point of nausea. Yu Caiyi turned to Yu Tianjun and said with a smile, "Brother,aluminium tile trim profiles, go quickly. Niang has magic power.". It can cure the demon. Let's go and beg her! Sweep away first. Yu Tianjun struggled, but he still felt that the priority was to cure his lover. "Take care of yourself, Miss Zhang," he said. "I will keep my promise." Worship Qin Xiaoyi again, just go away. Zhang Meiren rebuked, "a madman is really unique in the world." "Let's go before they notice," said Qin Xiaoyi. Zhang Meiren was so pleased that she added a bed towel to keep her daughter warm and tied it to her bosom. Qin Xiaoyi knew the terrain of Fairy Island, and except for the yuanyang Island in the northeast, which was more likely to get out of trouble, all the others were blocked by a secret array of poisonous snakes. Select this direction to pay immediately. She could have swept quickly, but there were more or less female guards around her, and she made a gesture of visiting mountains and rivers, looking for another place to live, in order to hide her eyes and ears. After diving to the cliff, she immediately sped up her action and quickly sneaked to yuanyang Island. Li Fengyan took Yu Donghuang to Qiongyao Tower. This was Li Fengyan's original residence. He hadn't returned for many years, but everything was still the same. Li Fengyan saw that the white jade screen decorated with golden snakes and flowers was still there. He was overjoyed and said, "The old monkey man dares to love me so much that he still keeps this thing!" Yu Dongli laughed and said, aluminum tile edge trim ,stainless steel edge trim, "Nothing has been touched in your house. Everything is waiting for you to come back." Li Fengyan rebukes coldly: "Nonsense, see you are to go outside philandering, do not pay attention to this building at all, ability is saved!" "No," said Emperor Yudong. "Otherwise," Li Fengyan shouted, "forget to find a fox spirit to come back!" Embarrassed, Yu Donghuang said, "She is not a fox spirit..." "What is that?" Asked Li Fengyan? Your spelling head? What's good about her? Make you so infatuated? As soon as the body shape suddenly turns, the grey tight leather system soft clothes lift flies, reveals the attractive threat body, the evil smile way: "How compared to that year?" Li Fengyan is well maintained and has hardly changed. Although Yu Dongli has been infatuated with Qin Xiaoyi for many years, he is still a man. Suddenly, when he sees his wife naked, he shrugs his chest and trembles, and his posture is so provocative that he can't help swallowing saliva. The passion of the past emerges one by one. Li Fengyan was satisfied with the other party's reaction and said with an evil smile, "What are you waiting for? I'm your wife. If you don't hide me, I'll molest you!" Really flew over, fell into the man's bosom, reached out to grab his lower body, Yudong Emperor finally difficult to control, suddenly undressed, pushed down the witch, and immediately had sex. Li Fengyan was proficient in Fangzhongshu and did his best to serve the old monkey, which made the Jade East Emperor want to die and groan constantly. Li Fengyan originally wanted to trap the man with her own beauty and bed skills, so as to defeat Qin Xiaoyi and restore the days to the past. In order to master the whole fairy island and think about revenge in the future, he fully cooperated with the old monkey man who had degenerated into a human form. However, Emperor Yudong had not had sex for a long time, and it was difficult for him to control it. He was defeated in two or three times. Li Fengyan was not very satisfied and said with a slight sneer, "Look, you are really old. Not only are you handsome and curved, but you are no longer strong in the past. How can you control a woman?" The most abominable person in Yudong said that he was old and ugly. "It was just an experiment," he scolded. "Now the war has just begun!" Exercise immediately to force the lower part of the body, ready to regain the glory. It was a pity that he had not succeeded in practicing Fangzhongshu. It seemed that it had little effect. He was already angry and wanted to blame his younger brother. Seeing this, Li Fengyan said with an evil smile, "Don't worry, I'll clean it up!" Deceiving himself, he kissed the man and took the opportunity to deliver the pill. Emperor Yudong did not notice it for a moment and swallowed it. "What is that?" He asked in surprise. "What a man wants most!" Said Li Fengyan. The Jade East Emperor had not yet figured it out, and his lower body had already reacted. When he knew it was an aphrodisiac or something like that, he became angry in shame: "Why do I need to use this thing?" Li Fengyan smiled and said, "You don't have to!" Closely pester jade east emperor, eventually lead its retaliatory fight. In the end, the passion continued, and countless battles were fought, and the army was defeated at the beginning. Yu Donghuang felt tired but comfortable. Li Fengyan left the man and got up as if he had finished the task. Then he put on his clothes and said, "Old monkey, you should practice more kungfu, or you will be killed!"! How dare you play around with women! Walk away full of confidence. "Who says I'm old?" Yudonghuang shouted angrily? I'm not an old monkey, either. Don't be complacent! Even if infatuated with Li Fengyan, but that "monkey old man" is too hurtful, this woman simply turned into a witch, unexpectedly know Fangzhongshu, should be in the outside mess, not as holy and elegant as Qin Xiaoyi, how can he forget Qin Xiaoyi,stainless steel tile edge trim, but Li Fengyan's body is white and tender, the temptation is infinite. It makes people struggle to make a choice between reason and lust. Maybe one foot in two boats is the best. Li Fengyan ran out of the Qiongyao Building and saw her daughter waiting in the garden. "Settle your father," she said with a smile! Go! Let's go see the crystal ball and cure your sister-in-law's heart failure. 。

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