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The road of online games is invisible.

The road of online games is invisible.

It is reasonable to say that the tiger crouches in the mountains and the dragon swims in the deep sea. When the tiger

It is reasonable to say that the tiger crouches in the mountains and the dragon swims in the deep sea. When the tiger goes down the hill and goes to the bottom of the water, it is naturally worse than a wild dog. But the three black tigers with strange origins are different from ordinary tigers. Although they are not too different from ordinary tigers in appearance, their ability to turn over rivers and seas is no less than that of dragons. Their ferocious temperament is still better than that of dragons. Almost as soon as they appear, they pounce on Ruoshui. The sharp claws are only more than ten feet away from Ruoshui's body. It was not until these sudden beasts came near that Ruoshui could see that the three-headed tiger was not a living thing, but a three-headed dark jade tiger. Although its smooth and incomparable jade face looked delicate, its firmness was not inferior to that of the best hardware. There were many strange charms hidden in the jade, which were obviously three powerful magic weapons that had been sacrificed for a long time. But the whole body does not have half a treasure light, so even with the eyesight of Ruoshui, also can not distinguish the origin of these three magic weapons, even the rank can not be seen. Seeing that the three tigers were so strange, Ruoshui could not help but be startled. He had seen a lot of rare treasures, but he had never seen such relics without any precious light. After all, whether they were magic weapons or machine art products, they must have strange brilliance. Without brilliance, there were also some special features in their materials and shapes. Sophisticated players can distinguish the power of the attacker according to these signs, and then deal with it calmly. But now if the three black monsters in front of the water, see power is very good, but to distinguish from the appearance of what kind of power of the attack is extremely difficult, so that if the water such experienced PK master is also very difficult, the moment had to shake the white robe, fly out of two flying swords from the sleeve, it is Ziyan Xingtian and Shenxiao Taizhen double swords, both strangled and went away,collapsible bulk container, just to meet the black tiger, But if the water is going to use the sword light on the enemy first, look at the clue and then do the district. However, what caught Ruoshui by surprise was that the three black tigers did not avoid the two swords and went up to meet them. They temporarily wrapped their claws and bodies around the sword light, and then suddenly opened their huge mouths. They saw three urgent telegrams like white light shooting out of the tiger's mouth. In an instant, they sped through the interception of two flying swords and flashed to the front of Ruoshui. Their beaks were like three sharp blades toward the vital part of Ruoshui's chest. They were three strange eagles made of the same material as the black tiger, but pure white in color. They were very small in size. Even if their wings were spread to the extreme, they were only two or three palms in size. However, their speed was shocking. Coupled with the cover of the black tiger,plastic trash bins, even people who were so alert as water were forced by white light to discover their existence. For a time, they were unavoidably at a loss. It's a little hard to resist. If you use Xuanhuang Wuji to block the attack of the three strange birds, or directly use the small Xuanwei to move and escape, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it, but if you are in the water and face continuous attacks from unknown sources, you dare not use up your strength, and you always feel that you have to leave a few hands for a rainy day to rest assured, so in the face of the three strong arrows and white strange eagles, If the water is just in a busy schedule to urge the yellow rainbow back, at the same time, a mouth, under the tongue in the jade Jin Shuo star sword immediately turned into a Peng star flying out, in front of the body into a star curtain, in the interval when the white strange bird will be knocked open, at the same time God night nine brontosaurus and rosefinch sword spirit also together, will be wrapped in three black tigers, stackable plastic pallets ,wholesale plastic pallet, fighting into a ball. Before these black tigers spit out more white birds. The black and white tigers and strange eagles cooperated with each other. At the very beginning, they caught Ruoshui by surprise. They almost made Ruoshui have to sacrifice his killer's mace to save his life. However, their ability to fight was just ordinary. They could not bear to fight for a long time. Therefore, after the first change did not hurt the target, they suddenly roared and screamed together, and then burst open, turning into countless sharp and incomparable broken jade explosions. These broken jade texture is solid, small size, but the speed is hard to imagine under the push of the explosive force, the moment only hit if the water three flying swords are tinkling, do not live back, especially if the water in front of the body, because only a flying sword guard, it is quite inadequate, even if the water was almost scratched by a few broken jade, almost broken phase. At that moment, he was so surprised that Ruoshui broke out in a cold sweat and kept urging Wutu Changhong to retreat crazily and pull away, which avoided the scope of the broken jade. Watching the power of the black tiger and white eagle explosion finally stop, if the water has just reached out to command the three flying swords together, intending to carefully search around with the light of the sword, there is a sudden sound of the piano in the river, which at first seems to be like the water waves are not popular, the breeze suddenly rises at the end of the duckweed, but in the blink of an eye it turns into a storm, a storm, a landslide. If the yellow rainbow of Wu earth outside the water body can't stop the sound of the harp from going straight into people's hearts. If the water is frightened at the moment, hurriedly take back the flying sword, abandon the distracting thoughts, and use the power of the Great Five Elements Biochemical Xuanwei True Method and Chaotic yuanying to protect the mind. Just now I felt a little better, but the voice became lingering and melancholy, sad and sad, if there is no, which made people can't help but want to throw everything away and concentrate on listening to it. The magic power of the whole body can't help but be out of control. Shit, what a great magic sound method! In fact, the twists and turns, the unpredictable sound of the piano is not bad, but much more pleasant than any classical music, but in the ears of Ruoshui, it is more frightening than the howling of ghosts and gods, and in an instant a handsome face becomes pale. His situation is quite strange. He has encountered several sonic attacks in the game, but he has never been as severe as he is today. Although he has not suffered any major damage for the time being, if he continues to let his magic power go out of control, I'm afraid his fate will not only be injured, but also have to suffer great damage, fall in the realm, and hurt yuan Ying. Water wall! In a hurry, Ruoshui did not care to reserve any more means to meet an emergency. At that moment, he was full of magic power. In addition to turning Xuanhuang Wuji into a yellow dust and wrapping himself tightly in it, he repeated the same trick and used the method of water wall mixing that he had developed, which was extremely effective in dealing with sound wave attacks. In this way, although the penetrating power of the piano is very strong, it can still be transmitted into Ruoshui's ears,euro plastic pallet, but in the end there is a nine-step magic weapon and water wall as a barrier, weakening the power, for a time really let Ruoshui turn the corner and regain breathing time.


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