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Ning Qing a face surprised, did not expect to be such a fate. yuan Jiang, you hurry to send a message to Su Qing,

Ning Qing a face surprised, did not expect to be such a fate. yuan Jiang, you hurry to send a message to Su Qing, "Ning Qing looked at this child, a time with a lot of emotion." What's the matter? Gu Huan came over and saw that Ning Qing looked wrong and asked. Ning Qing turned around and saw Gu Huan standing behind him. The lavender robe disappeared and was replaced by a black brocade robe. The cuffs were embroidered with red plum branches. The exposed lining was dark red. The belt was also dark red. There was a white jade pendant in the shape of Dendrobium around the waist, covered with a layer of silkworm yarn woven with silver wire. Gu Huan, who had changed his black clothes, lost the gentleness of the past and became more ascetic and unfathomable. His eyes, which were lined with red, were even more breathtaking. Ning Qing looked stunned for a moment, half a day to react to come over, and then the line of sight some unnatural to the side of the skimming. Brother Gu, did you change your clothes? "There was a fight and my clothes were not clean. I couldn't wait to change them." Gu Huan didn't miss the surprise in Ning Qing's eyes. He just didn't want Ning Qing to see that he was injured, so he changed into a black robe. Unexpectedly, his sister liked him to wear a black robe. Ning Qing twitched at the corners of her mouth and said to herself that she was afraid of being a neat freak. Fortunately, she thought that Elder Martial Brother Gu had something to do with her. It turned out that she had thought too much. Ning Qing they just returned to the city, Su Qing came. It turned out that Su's mother was dead, and after Su Qing sensed the touch of the ban, she rushed to Fengcheng. Ning Qing later learned that the little boy was raised by his mother and that his father died when he was eight years old. Su's mother was good at embroidery, and she had an eldest son who cultivated immortals, so she had a good life, but she never thought about the disaster. Her youngest son was chosen as a sacrifice. She cried, made trouble, and begged, but there was nothing she could do. She could only watch helplessly as her dependent child became a sacrifice. Mother Su wanted to send a message to her eldest son, but she was discovered by the guards before she could move. Frustrated, he threw himself directly into the well,Nail machine manufacturer, which touched the ban set by Su Qing. After Su Qing came, Ning Qing gave the little boy to him. The author has something to say: [Author] Today is Christmas. Merry Christmas, fairies! mua( ̄︶ ̄) Chapter 52. After Gu Huan returned to the inn, his back hurt, and his heart was a little stuffy. He could no longer help taking out the bath bucket from the storage bag, pouring in the Lingquan liquid, and pouring the liquid medicine into the bath bucket. Back immersed in Lingquan liquid for a moment, like a sharp knife scraping the bone, the pain into the bone marrow, Gu Huan clenched his teeth, both hands clenched the edge of the barrel, it took a long time to recover. Thinking of what the book said, Gu Huan frowned. Wounded for her, let her move, wire nail making machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, and then take the opportunity to ask for, is the pursuit of the way. But his subconscious reaction at that time was to hide it, and then he remembered what the book said, and it was too late. Let him say it again and overturn what he said before. He felt that he really hit his face and could not do this. Suddenly, the door was knocked. Is Elder Martial Brother Gu here? After Ning Qing returned to his room, he kept the wound on Gu Huan's shoulder in mind. It was Sister Ning. Gu Huan was startled. He immediately got up and stepped out of the tub and put on a black robe at will. When the door was opened, Ning Qing looked up and saw Gu Huan wearing a loose black robe, naked. The texture of the exposed chest is clear. Faint drops of water slipped under the black robe. Ning Qing suddenly felt that the air around him was a little hot. He moved his eyes and said, "Elder Martial Brother Gu, I'll bring you the medicine." Gu Huan was also a little unnatural. He turned around and said in a warm voice, "Come in." Ning Qing followed Gu Huan into the room. He looked around and found that the bathtub behind the screen had not been closed yet. It seemed that Elder Martial Brother Gu had just taken a bath. He was really a neat freak. After Ning Qing sat down, he saw Gu Huan's stiff right arm. Thinking of the scene at that time, he felt very guilty. "Elder Martial Brother Gu, your arm is not convenient?"? Do you need me to help you with the medicine? Ning Qing waited for a while, but he didn't hear the answer. He felt a little nervous. It was also because Elder Martial Brother Gu was a neat freak. He should not like to be touched by others. Although he knew the result in his heart, he still couldn't help feeling a little lost. Why don't you come over? Gu Huan opened his mouth. Ah Hearing the sound, Ning Qing came to his senses and found that Gu Huan had pulled open his right shoulder and sat sideways on the chair. Is that a yes? Ning Qing walked over in a daze, and when he saw the blood oozing from Gu Huan's right shoulder, he suddenly came to his senses and blamed himself. He hurriedly took the elixir and fell on the wound. Gu Huan lowered his eyes and caught a glimpse of Ning Qing's careful and serious face. His previous chagrin and entanglement had long been thrown out of the sky, but when he thought that Ning Qing had left him with Gu Huan, a trace of sourness passed through his heart. "Sister Ning," she said tentatively, "I didn't agree to come to the rescue. Would you blame me for being cold-blooded?" Ning Qing's hand on the medicine froze, "how could it be?"? At first, my idea was actually the same as yours, but then I changed my mind temporarily. "Because of that boy in yuanjiang?" Although Gu Huan's tone was calm, his heart could not help gurgling out with acid water. It's not all for him. For one thing, I can't watch yuanjiang die. For another, I actually tend to save people in my heart, but after weighing the pros and cons rationally, I choose to retreat. "Although I lingered on the line of life and death several times on the way to save people, I don't regret it. If I don't save people today, I'm afraid I'll regret it later." "Monasticism is just to be free and easy. Since you have made a choice in your heart, why should you use reason to force it? If I don't save you today, you will have demons in your heart in the future." Ning Qing's voice is gentle and calm, like the rain on an autumn night, tick-tock, with charm, which makes people calm. But I was so tired that my brother was injured, and I really felt sorry. Ning Qing's voice suddenly lowered and he looked very guilty. Now that the heart has made a choice, why should it be forced by reason? Gu Huan lowered his eyes and pondered, yes, the body has made a choice, why should he be entangled with the method given in the book. Before that, he had refused to admit that he liked Ning Qing intellectually,Automatic Nail Making Machine, but his body had already betrayed him, struggling in vain for so long, and finally yielded. 3shardware.com


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