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The little goddess said to the bartender, "You bring the best three dishes in your shop, plus these five dishes, a total of eight dishes.".

The little goddess said to the bartender, "You bring the best three dishes in your shop, plus these five dishes, a total of eight dishes.". Wine, first bring us a pot of Zhuangyuan red. If it's not enough, how about we order more? "Yes, yes.". The little man immediately went to the kitchen to place an order. The bartender answered and left. The chess that dare not speak all the time, see inn at this moment small two went, just say: "So much dish, we 4 people, how to eat.". Isn't that a waste? Waner also had the idea of chess, but when she saw that the little goddess was in a particularly good mood today, she didn't want to be disappointed, so she said, "You're afraid of wasting, so you can eat freely." "Won't that burst your belly?" Your belly is not made of paper, is it? Can you break it? The little goddess asked Qi'er, "I'm afraid you didn't eat like this when you came to the capital with your son this time." Can be said to be unprecedented, I am worried that the silver is not enough, at most called a dish, a soup, two bowls of rice. Sometimes eating two steamed buns, steamed buns and drinking some water on the road is also a meal. If you eat like this, I'm afraid it's not enough to sell the chess. "Good," said Waner. If we don't have enough silver, we'll sell you. Chess son one Zheng: "What!?"? Ten taels of silver is not enough? These ten taels of silver are enough for me and my son to eat on our way home from the capital. "Chess, do you know what kind of expensive dishes we ordered today?" "It's like coming out on top, winning the laurel in the toad's palace,DIN screw plug, making three friends in the cold of the year, and going to the top of the willow on the moon.". I have never seen it, nor have I heard of it. What kind of food are they? Are they expensive? "I don't know." "You don't know, Huei-fang?" "I heard it for the first time, just like you." The bookworm said, "Actually, it's nothing more than a combination of meat and various vegetables. It's just that the names of the dishes are a little fancy." Chess son asks: "Second Childe, say you are to know these dish so?" "I don't know, but once I saw two strange dishes in a restaurant. One was called killing Zhu Bajie with a stick, and the other was called a full dish of money." "What are those dishes?" Waner asked with interest. The bookworm said, "In fact, it's the most common dish. The so-called killing pig with a stick is fried pork with beans." What!? Is this called beating Pigsy to death with a random stick? "Don't the beans look like sticks when they are cut into pieces?"? If you fry it with pork, isn't it like beating Pig Bajie to death with a random stick? Chess asks: "Where is that full dish of money?" The nerd said, "It's simpler.". It is to cut two boiled eggs into pieces with a knife and put them on a plate, Stainless steel foundry ,deep draw stamping, just like a dish covered with money? You don't even need oil and salt. "Isn't that a lie?" Said Waner. "Huei-fang, the shopkeeper isn't lying either. He's just taking the form and meaning.". The names of these dishes are rather tacky. There are also some poetic dishes that you haven't heard of. There was a poor scholar who invited a friend to dinner at home and made three poetic dishes with an egg and vegetables. "Oh!"? What three poetic dishes did he come up with? "He also first boiled the egg in boiling water, then carefully cut the egg in half, took out the yolk and put it into the fried vegetables.". This is the first course. It's called Two Orioles Singing in the Green Willows. Waner couldn't help laughing. "What about the second course?" For the second course, he took out the egg whites and cut them like birds. It was placed on a plate and named a line of egrets on the blue sky. Little goddess also laughs: "2 Childe, that the 3rd dish, how does he do again?" "It's even simpler," said the bookworm (www.sept5.com), "a pot of clear soup with eggshells floating on top of it." Waner said, "Is this a dish?" "Soup, of course, is a dish. It's called Yedu Unmanned Boat.". This poor scholar, with an egg, made a soup and two dishes full of poetry, which made his friends clap their hands and laugh, and eat with relish. The little goddess laughed and said, "It seems that we want eight dishes. I don't know what the shopkeeper used to fool us.". ” The bookworm said, "I think Ruyilou is a famous restaurant in the capital. It doesn't use simple materials like the roadside shop and the poor scholar. It must use real materials and be famous for its cooking skills.". Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many people coming to patronize it, and those who come are the children of literati and rich families. "Well," said Waner, "then I'll see what kind of dish he's cooking, and whether it's worthy of such a nice name as coming out on top and winning the laurel in Toad Palace." Soon, the bartender brought up the first dish. The little goddess looked at them and was very surprised. In fact, this is the most common platter in the capital, but the craft is skillful, putting together a peacock to spread its tail, mainly stewed chicken, with a variety of stewed cooked food. I don't know how it tastes, but the color and fragrance have taken the lead. "What is this dish called?" Waner asked. The bartender said, "Young lady, this is the most famous dish in the shop. The little man dares to bring it to the young lady and the young master. It is called the peacock spreading its tail and takes its good intentions." The bartender poured wine for them and said, "Please have a taste of the young lady and young master." No wonder the bartender served this dish first, because the little goddess once said that the bartender should serve the three dishes that the shop is best at first. It seems that the shopkeeper served one of their famous dishes first. The chess players dare not use chopsticks to destroy the peacock spreading its tail. In his opinion, this is a painting, bright and dazzling, how can he have the heart to destroy it? The little goddess said, "Come on, you all have a taste. Don't let down the kindness of the shopkeeper." The little goddess moved the chopsticks first. Then the bookworm and Waner began to fight. When it comes to eating, the bookworm is not stupid at all. He took a bite and said, "Not bad.". The taste is delicious. This dish is full of color, fragrance and taste. It is a famous dish in Ruyilou. The bartender was delighted to hear this and said, "It's rare for the young master to appreciate it so much.". The shop is lucky to invite the young master to drink two cups and taste them slowly. The little man goes to bring the second dish. "What's the matter with you?" Waner asked, seeing that the chess player dared not use chopsticks? Why don't you eat? "Does this, this, this taste bad?" Don't be silly. Here,socket screw plug, I'll give you a piece. Waner put a piece of chicken into the chess bowl, "eat, this will not be a black shop." 。 autoparts-dx.com


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