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Tong Hua-those young days that can't go back

Tong Hua-those young days that can't go back

Tong Hua-those young days that can't go back

She smiled, along the side of the table tennis table, into the teaching building, is a corner, the left side should be the classroom, the right side should be the teacher's office. After turning right, the first thing I saw was the sign of the English group. Luo Qiqi stood by the window, bent down and looked in, wondering if the cornucopia was still teaching. Inside, with the curtains drawn, it was so dark that she couldn't see anything clearly. She gave up peeping and walked straight past the office to the classroom. The classroom can be seen clearly, and everything inside has changed. She remembered that there used to be blue cloth curtains in the classroom, but now they have been replaced by shutters; there used to be no electric fans, but now there are two big ceiling fans; on one side of the platform, there is a big TV, probably a multimedia teaching tool; She remembered that the front of the desk was open and the schoolbag was stuffed in from the front, but now the desk can be opened. Probably the number of students is smaller, each table is placed separately, and there are no tables next to each other. Luo Qiqi smiled and sighed, without a deskmate, he would lose a lot of fun. She turned around and walked out of the gate in front of Class (1). It used to be a small Chinese-style garden with a small pond and a small pavilion, but now it's all gone. The pond has been filled in,side impact door beams, and the small pavilion has been stripped off and changed into a disc-shaped flower bed. A poem came to mind naturally: Peach and plum blossoms in the east of Luoyang City, who will fall? The daughter of Luoyang cherishes the color and sighs when she meets the fallen flowers. If the color of the fallen flowers is changed this year, who will be back next year? I have seen the pine and cypress destroyed into firewood, and I have heard that the mulberry fields have turned into the sea. The ancients did not reply to the east of Luocheng, but now people are still interested in the wind of falling flowers. Flowers are similar year after year, but people are different year after year. In fact, not to mention that people are different year after year, even the flowers are already different year after year. She looked around and could not tell where she had stood and chatted with Lin Lan,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, Li Xin and Ni Qing. However, because the location of the building door has not changed, so she can roughly judge where she and Xiaofei have met again. Close your eyes, as if you can see a girl wearing glasses, combed horse tail, and a beautiful girl with long hair walking face to face, passing by, their eyes also crossed, the pace slowed down, hesitated to turn back, in an instant, the face burst into the most brilliant smile. They were so happy and excited that they had no idea what fate awaited them. Luo Qiqi suddenly opened his eyes and shook off the memories of the past. From another building door, walk into the teaching building again and go directly to the third floor. There were voices and laughter in the corridor. She was a little surprised. She walked along the sound. The back door of Class 4 was open. Through the glass window, she saw three or four students inside, making blackboard newspapers. Gazing at their young faces, she felt a surge of tenderness in her heart. A student found her and looked back at her frequently, side impact door beams ,side impact beams, which attracted other students to look back. Luo Qiqi simply went in and asked softly, "Can I read your blackboard newspaper for a while?" "Are you a teacher?" "No." A few students are very indescribable, looked at each other, a schoolboy says carelessly: "That you look!" That you look! She stood by the wall by the back door, half against it, looking at them. Her eyes have too much attachment, too much tenderness, a few students probably think she is too strange, while working, while looking at her from time to time. Luo Qiqi stared at them for a long time before he went to read the blackboard newspaper they had made. However, she stood too close to the back blackboard, and the angle was too far away, so she could not clearly see the blackboard newspaper on the back blackboard, but could only clearly see the person standing in front of the blackboard. She was stupefied, trying to push the table forward, still can not see clearly, the classroom was more crowded, it is impossible to go forward. She took a few steps towards the middle and found that the closer she was to the middle, the better position she had for the billboard newspaper. Luo Qiqi gently walked back to the place where she had just stood, her back slowly against the wall, from this angle to see the blackboard newspaper, the only thing she could see clearly was the busy boys and girls in front of the blackboard, she stared at them, tears slowly seeped into her eyes, originally. So that's it. She dared not look again and hurried away. "Thank you.". Change the gouache color of the picture a little darker to see the effect. It's evening now. When the teacher grades the blackboard newspaper, it's daytime, when the sun is brightest. The boy and the girl were busy staring at their blackboard newspapers. The tall and thin boy with glasses patted the table: "That makes sense. We are looking good now. Thank you.." When they turned their heads, the woman with a special temperament had disappeared. They looked at each other in surprise, and soon put the episode behind them, and began to laugh again, talking and laughing out of the blackboard newspaper. Luo Qiqi stood silently at the door of Class (7) for a while and went downstairs from the stairs beside Class (8). Out of the school gate, the guard greeted warmly: "So late to go ah?" Luo Qiqi said with a smile, "I had something to do two days ago. I didn't have time to correct the papers. I will send the papers tomorrow, so I will correct them quickly." Speaking, she walked out of the school gate. Waved to stop a taxi, the driver asked: "Where to go?" She thought about it and said, "Master, I want to eat mutton kebabs, but I'm not familiar with this neighborhood. Do you know where there are kebabs?"? It's not a restaurant, it's a small stall. The driver promised with a smile and took her to find a mutton kebab stall. Luo Qiqi ordered a bottle of beer, thirty strings of mutton kebabs, and told the stall owner to add more chili peppers to fifteen of them! As soon as the mutton kebab covered with chili powder entered her mouth, she coughed fiercely, but she ate a mouthful of mutton kebab and a mouthful of beer, and tears slowly welled up in her eyes. The stall owner brought her a tissue in a funny way. Qiqi wiped her tears and said, "It's too spicy. The tears are all spicy!" After eating mutton kebabs, she went back to the hotel to rest. She did not sleep well at night, her thoughts were still lingering in the past, and the laughter and crying of her youth kept ringing in her ears,cold drawn tubes, making her sigh even in her dreams. She got up at ten o'clock the next morning. After washing and having breakfast, she got into a taxi. "Where to?" Asked the driver. "City No.1 Middle School," she said. 。


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