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A Gang stepped forward

A Gang stepped forward

A Gang stepped forward, grabbed Ning Fei's front and cried, "Father has already dealt with it, but he still can't stop the poison from going up.".

"The firewood in the kitchen was just used up, and I forgot to split it," Ding told him before he left. If I don't come back before noon, you can go to Ah Gang's house for dinner. He cooks a lot of food and feeds the pigs even if he can't finish it. It's no problem to have a pair of chopsticks for people. Ning Fei nodded repeatedly. Remember, don't mess around with yourself. Chopping wood is not a joke. Don't chop your feet in half. I can't cure it any more. The men laughed and said, "All right, Brother Ding, do you talk like that? You talk so bloody in front of Sister Ning that you're not afraid to frighten a little girl." Then he pushed and coaxed Ding Xiao away. Ning Fei stood in the yard where the medicine was dried, always feeling that Ding Xiao seemed to have forgotten something. Not long after, a thieving boy came hurriedly from the direction where Ding Xiao was taken away. He bowed down to say hello to Ning Fei, carried the medicine bag hanging on the branch of the tree, and ran back. Shanzhai, bandits.. With Ding Xiaoshan up to now, living more and more accustomed, today there is the consciousness of being in the bandits. Ning Fei is holding the potherb in the hand, think, still chop firewood to go to backyard first. As the sun rose, Ning Fei finished all the housework in the yard, but never saw Ding Xiao come back. He was a little anxious. She had never seen Ding Xiao's martial arts, but she had heard a lot about what the bandits did to make a living. The Black Flag Stronghold was famous in Huai'an. Before she entered the Stronghold, she thought everyone was like Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was two meters tall, had a waist like a wine barrel, and had a rock-like shoulder. As soon as I saw him today, although he was a little uneven, somehow he was still of excellent quality. As soon as Ding Xiao stood inside, he became a dwarf in a pile of giants. He couldn't even worry about it. This is not like her time, a fever can kill people, a sharp instrument to break the skin is likely to be infected with tetanus and died. Ding Xiao himself is a bone-setter, but if he has an accident,wire mesh decking, who else can take care of him at the scene. I waited until noon, but I didn't come back. White rice porridge boiled into porridge paste, scattered wild vegetable buds into it, white and green is very good-looking, but still no one. Ning Fei squatted restlessly in front of the stove, and when the stove fire turned to ashes, there was still no sound. Ning Fei sat in the room, the water tank was full, the firewood was chopped, the kitchen was clean, and there was nothing to do. Suddenly there was an anxious cry coming from the distance outside the house. It was getting closer and closer. Ning Fei was so surprised that he stood up. It was clear in his ears that Ah Gang was calling for help. She opened the door in a hurry and went out. It was just sunny outside. As soon as she opened the door, her eyes were dazzled. It was not easy to see clearly. She saw Ah Gang coming around the mountain path, with a man bent over him, not knowing whether he was alive or dead. [Come to watch the second watch at 10 pm, the number of words may not be a lot, don't expect too much from the RP of Little Crazy..] [Chasing the Wind and Chasing the Shadow Through the Mountain Gate] 23 Before he could carry the man closer, industrial racking systems ,industrial racking systems, Ah Gang shouted, "Where's Brother Ding? Call Brother Ding!" He was followed by several men who had heard the news, and a group of people came to the front of Ding Xiao's row house. Ning Fei hurriedly gave up the house where he lived and let Ah Gang put him down. When waiting to see, it is a gang's father, because usually often everywhere to collect firewood to supply each family, the mountain calls him to collect firewood Lao Jiao. Seeing that his face was red and white, his eyes were swollen with hematoma, and the corners of his mouth were purple, Ah Gang was panting to death. He still did not forget to ask, "Where is Brother Ding?" "Your father happened to be absent today, but he was poisoned by a snake." Gang was too anxious to speak, his throat trembled up and down, his face was suffocating purple, and his eyes were shining with water. Later, an old man answered for him, "There are many poisonous snakes on the mountain. Old Jiao himself can cure several common snake venoms. Today, he looks so miserable. I'm afraid he met the King of Golden Thread." "King of the Golden Thread?" "The King of Golden Thread is unique to the mountains," said the old man. "It's very rare to see him at ordinary times. The adult snake is only the thickness of the thumb, the whole body is dark and smooth, only the head and tail are surrounded by three gold threads, so it is named Golden Thread. It is so poisonous that ordinary king cobras are no match for it, so it is known as the king. A Gang stepped forward, grabbed Ning Fei's front and cried, "Father has already dealt with it, but he still can't stop the poison from going up.". On the mountain, only the second master and Ding eldest brother can cure. The second master went down the mountain today to meet the big master. Only Ding eldest brother can save his life. ” Ning Fei saw the man lying on the bed writhing and struggling, as if he was in great pain all over his body, but his throat was swollen and he could not make a sound. Followed anxiously, will Ding Xiao's whereabouts explained. The old man said, "Niu Dazhuang is going to rob a batch of money and goods from the mountains to Huai'an today. It's about at the foot of the western mountain.". I've heard my son say it's just down the west side of the hill. "How long is the journey?" Asked Ning Fei. "About an hour if it's fast.". But that's according to Niu Dazhuang. Those of us who don't know flying skills can only go down slowly and walk for about half a day. The old man was suddenly overjoyed and said, "Ah Gang, I remember that your flying skills were praised by the two masters as excellent. You can go to ask for help by yourself." Ning Fei looked at Ah Gang. His clothes were mostly stained by mud, and his knees were even more torn. He was afraid that he had just carried his father up the mountain to ask for help too eagerly, so that he could not even take care of the road. Although a Gang is conative, he sees that his father's condition is unstable, and he is afraid to die when he leaves, but he can't be filial to his father. With tears in his eyes, he can't choose between advance and retreat. Gang, still a teenager, stood a little shorter in front of Ning Fei and looked up blankly at Ning Fei, looking extremely pitiful. Ning Fei gritted his teeth and said, "How long will it take to ride a horse?" "What?" Asked the old man. Ride a horse. If you don't know flying skills, you can ride down. With a look of embarrassment on his face, the old man said, "The mountain path is rugged, and only when you have excellent horse control skills can you dare to ride up and down.". I'm afraid the people present can't ride down. Ning Fei said, "I asked how long it would take, but I didn't ask if anyone could ride a horse." "I don't know, it shouldn't be long." Ning Fei grabbed Ah Gang's hand,mobile racking systems, and he was still holding her skirt. "You're here to take care of your father," she said. "I'll go and find Ding Hsiao for you." Then he turned to go out and came to the stable, where he saw Ding Xiao's curly-haired black mule and his big purplish red horse. It takes about half a day to walk down the mountain road on the west side. You have to take these two horses out and use them alternately before you can reach the foot of the mountain quickly.


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