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Du Daoshou said that my sister would have a daughter and two sons, and that the daughter would be the eldest.

Murong Qinchen was overjoyed. When he slept with Chen Caozhi that night, he asked Chen Caozhi to name the baby in her womb. "You're impatient," Chen said with a smile. "Bozhen doesn't even have a formal name yet. Take it together when you get back to Jiangdong. …… Because Shen Chiqian's wedding will be held in Luoyang on April 12, Chen Caozhi's south motorcade set off on March 25, but Ran Sheng in western Liaoning had not arrived that day. Chen Caozhi told Su Qi that when Ran Sheng arrived in Yecheng, he would tell Ran Sheng to meet in Luoyang on April 12. Ji Zhou Changshi Cui Cheng led a group of officials to send Chen Caozhi and his party across the Zhangshui River. Chen Caozhi solemnly entrusted Cui Cheng with government affairs and told Su Qi to pay close attention to the movement of the Western Qin Dynasty at all times. Then he waved goodbye. This time Chen Caozhi went south to Jiankang with fifteen civil officials, eight hundred soldiers, and fifteen hundred civilian workers carrying money and grain. After crossing the Zhangshui River, Lu You of Jizhou led five hundred soldiers, fifteen hundred civilian workers, and nearly a thousand carts to Liyang. From there, he crossed the river and went down to Huainan via Yingshui. It was much more labor-saving to take the waterway. Chen Caozhi and Xie Daoyun's mother and daughter, Murong Qinchen and others, as well as a group of subordinate officials, went to Wenxian County under the escort of three hundred cavalry. From there, they crossed the river to Gong County. Ran Sheng led two hundred Qingqi to catch up with Chen Caozhi and his party in Wenxian County. He paid a visit to his brother and sister-in-law and saw Chen Feiyu, who was less than two months old. Ran Sheng was very happy. Shen Chiqian sent people to meet Chen Caozhi and his party in Gong County. They hurried and arrived in Luoyang just before noon on April 12. Huan Mi, the governor of Sizhou, and Shen Jin, the governor of Sizhou, went out of the city to greet each other. Huan Mi met Chen Caozhi when he was in charge of the army. He respected Chen's talent and knowledge very much. It was a pleasure to see him again. Huan secretary to Luoyang in July last year, was ordered to rebuild the palace and baiguan yamen, now more than half a year has passed, Luoyang city has changed greatly, around twenty miles of tall walls have been built first,stainless steel edging strip, the city is also in the construction, Huan Wen last year in Yecheng get Murong comment on the huge family wealth and big Yan treasury property mostly used for this, the Jin court is no money to dial, Huan Wen is not stingy, Because the city of Luoyang will be the capital of his Huan Dynasty. Huan Mi personally led Chen Caozhi to visit Luoyang City, and Chen Caozhi expressed his admiration for Huan Mi's achievements in rebuilding the old capital. After Chen Caozhi and Ran Sheng attended Shen Chiqian's wedding, they had a rest in Luoyang for a day. On April 14, they set off for Yingchuan. From Yingchuan, they took the waterway so as to avoid the turbulence of the land route. On the seventh day of May,china tile trim, Chen Caozhi and his party of twenty large ships entered the Huaihe River from Yingshui, went through Shouchun to Pofutang, zigzagged into the Yangtze River by waterway, and retrograde to Bailuzhou Wharf in Jiankang. This day was May Have a smooth journey, very smooth. Chen Caozhi set foot in the south of the Yangtze River and was filled with emotion. He left Jiankang for the Northern Expedition to the Central Plains in the first month of the third year of Xian'an. It has been two years and four months since he returned today. The scenery in the south of the Yangtze River is no different. Are all his friends and relatives well? Chapter 70 of the sixth volume of the play of Ya, the children suddenly made a journey. Five million yuan, eight thousand bolts of silk, and sixty thousand pieces of wheat, which had been presented to the imperial court under the escort of Lu You from Jizhou, arrived in Jiankang on May 19. Emperor Sima Yu big Yue, north the central plains has been nearly two years, this is the first time the Jin court to see the benefits of the northern expedition, the emptiness of the Jiankang treasury let Sima Yu stretched, taicheng palace in disrepair, Sima Yu want to rebuild Taiji palace is difficult to raise money, its so-called pure heart section inspection, it is a straitened circumstances helpless, aluminum tile trim ,aluminium tile trim profiles, and long Kang huanshi by the northern expedition achievements, wantonly reward clan old Huan Mi, Huan Xi, Huan Ji, Huan Shiqian, and Huan Shixiu were all in one side of Xiongzhen. The old troops of Jingxiang, such as Zhu Xu and Zhu Yao, were all the prefects of Dajun. Huan Wen was now even more honored by Jiuxi. He was satirizing the court for the title of king. Hearing that Chen Caozhi was about to arrive in Beijing, Emperor Sima Yu ordered Wang Tanzhi, Chen Shang and Lu You from Jizhou to meet him at Bailuzhou Wharf. After Wang Tanzhi's mourning period for his father expired, he returned to the court from Xifu to serve in the court. Now he has been promoted to Shizhong, and Chen Shang has been promoted from the supervisor of the seven-grade palace to the six-grade imperial censor. At Egret Island Pier in May, the sun is shining and the atmosphere is warm. Holding the hand of his 16th brother, Chen Caozhi, Chen Shang had tears in his eyes. He was full of brotherly affection and sighed with emotion. He met Ran Sheng again and said with a smile, "Xiao Sheng has just reached the crown, and he is already the prefect of Wupin County. Brother Yu can't catch up with him.". ” When Chen Caozhi and Ran Sheng were talking with Shi Zhongwang Tanzhi and others, Xie Daoyun and Murong Qinchen came forward to salute Chen Shang one after another. Because of Murong Qinchen's special status, Chen Shang did not despise her because he was a concubine. He just felt that the Xianbei concubine, the sixteenth brother, was too beautiful to see more. Hsieh Shao, who had been appointed to the seventh grade, also went to the dock to greet her. When he saw Chen Feiyu, who was three months old, he was overjoyed. He said to Hsieh Daoyun, "Auntie San is talking about my sister every day. A few days ago, she asked Du Daoshou to do the divination for my sister. Du Daoshou said that my sister would have a daughter and two sons, and that the daughter would be the eldest. When I saw her today, it really came true A line of hundreds of people mighty and mighty into the city, Jiankang people lined the streets to welcome, the five years ago when the first into the capital has ten thousand people turn out "jiangzuo Weifeng" is now guarding Hebei officials, in the northern expedition, Jiangdong people to Chen Caozhi backwater world war I defeat the miracle of victory, and Chen Caozhi clan brother Chen Yuli cut Xianbei first fierce will see Luo Teng's military exploits also let Jin people rejoice, Had it not been for the military exploits of the Northern Expedition. In any case, Chen Caozhi's brothers could not be promoted so quickly. The Chen family, who used to be a poor family, is now a hot family. In front of Chen's residence on the bank of the Qinhuai River, Wang Tanzhi said to Chen Caozhi, "The emperor will not summon Chen Cishi today because he has returned home after a long absence, so that Chen Cishi can reunite with his family and share the happiness of his family. Tomorrow, he will return to Taicheng to meet you." Chen Caozhi asked Wang Tanzhi to sit in the house. Wang Tanzhi said with a smile, "I won't bother you today. I'll come back another day to discuss Confucianism with Zizhong." Wang Tanzhi and Lu You left, while Xie Shao stayed. At this time, Chen's servants were waiting in front of the gate in two teams. Lai Fu and his son came forward happily to see the ceremony. The one-armed Jing Nu was also there. He knelt down in front of Ran Sheng and was so happy that he burst into tears. Ran Sheng quickly lifted him up, and the master and servant whispered with tears. Chen Caozhixi asked, "Laifu, when did your father and son come to Jiankang, and Jing Nu was here?" Lai Fu is over fifty years old. His hair had turned gray, and he smiled and said, "I arrived at the beginning of the month, too. Come in, come in, please." Chen Caozhi stepped into the gate,metal trim manufacturers, but saw that the courtyard between the gate and the hall was empty, which was quite different from the lively scene in front of the gate. It was a little strange that even if the stewards and servants were all outside the gate, how could none of the maids be seen. jecatrims.com


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