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The legitimate daughter of the reborn family

The legitimate daughter of the reborn family

Tie Hao looked at this scene and couldn't help but cover his mouth and snicker.

He made her feel more and more dangerous, and she hated him more and more. He used to like to hug her, but now he has upgraded. The dumb slave on one side saw Hanyu bullying Nangong Linglong, and the blunt sword in his hand was immediately unsheathed. Step aside! Cold Yu suddenly removed his lips, coldly stared at the dumb slave, coldly ordered, the phoenix eyes gloomy, handsome face dark and stained with majesty, the king's domineering, always not threatened by the dumb slave was pressed by his momentum, tightly pursed lips, retreated to one side, holding the blunt sword hand desperately held, deep eyes are staring at cold Yu, he wanted to save the master out of trouble. But he is pressed by the imposing manner of cold Yu, dare not move unexpectedly. Cold Yu, you ascend the disciple, I want to cut your mouth to feed the dog, you. Han Yu lowered his head and held her red lips again. Chinese New Year's Eve that night, he just covered her lips, he was pushed away, did not taste, at this moment, he will thoroughly taste her beauty. He wanted to tell her that no matter how she alienated him, he would not let go, because he was not Hanyao! "Well.." Nangong Linglong clenched her teeth tightly to prevent him from going any further,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, and her body kept writhing, trying to break away from his shackles. The more she struggled, the tighter Hanyu hugged her, wishing she could rub her into his body and merge with him. Cold Yu with her two lips, inch by inch to swallow, Nangong Linglong clenched his teeth, he tasted her lips first, his nose blocked her nose, not to let her breathe, forcing her to open her mouth. Dirty embryo! And hearsay perverts are birds of a feather. Nangong Linglong scolded angrily in her heart. Nose was cold Yu,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, no matter which side she wanted to lean on, he was like a shadow, not to let her breathe, hold her breath for so long, she would suffocate, want to open her mouth to breathe, waiting for a long time cold Yu immediately overbearing and flexible slide into her sandalwood mouth, sweeping all her sweetness. Tie Hao hung his face and dared not look at it. His master finally made a strong attack. The dumb slave's eyes stared wider, and the hand holding the sword was about to break it. His heart is turning upside down. He watched his master being bullied in broad daylight! As soon as his eyes closed, the dumb slave finally closed his eyes, but his heart could not hide the pain. Long son, I like you at this moment, soft and smooth in my arms, will not oppose me, will not help Hanyao, will not pull my hind legs. After a kiss, the extremely satisfied Han Yu hugged Nangong Linglong, who was panting, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, and said in a gentle voice. You Dengtuzi, a wolf in human skin, bastard! Nangong Linglong pushed him away forcefully, turned around and walked away, wiping his lips forcefully as he walked, trying to wipe off the mark of Hanyu. The dumb slave immediately followed. Bailixi, protect her, if there is a second man dare to touch her, only you ask! Hanyu suddenly coldly ordered the dumb slave, as if the dumb slave was not Nangong Linglong's man, but his man. He also called out the real name of the dumb slave. Dumb slave suddenly stopped the footsteps, turned around, looked at the cold Yu in amazement, the news of cold Yu was so wide that his name could not even be found out by the cunning people at the beginning of the smell, and cold Yu was found, so it can be seen that cold Yu for the people around Nangong Linglong is a special intention, grasp clearly, this is for an ambitious prince. This kind of intention can also be used on the beloved woman, which is really rare. The dumb brother is my man. Why should he listen to your orders? Nangong Linglong, who had gone far away, was so angry that she turned back again when she heard Hanyu's command. She put her hands on her hips and raised her pretty face, which was so red and beautiful, completely regardless of her image. She was ready to scold. Only in the face of cold Yu, will she inspire the worst side. Han Yu just smiled at her shallowly and did not speak. Nangong Linglong was a little uncomfortable by him, but she was unwilling to be outdone, immediately jumped in front of Hanyu, stood on tiptoe, round eyes, mercilessly staring at Hanyu, bigger than the eyes, right? Her eyes are not his small. Two people are so big eyes to big eyes, the scene is quite awesome. Tie Hao looked at this scene and couldn't help but cover his mouth and snicker. Although this Linglong princess has changed a lot, after all, she is only fifteen years old, and her childishness is still there, and the child's mind is occasionally revealed. Long, your eyes are very big. Gentle admiration. "Thanks, your eyes are bigger, cow's eyes!" A clear, melodious, sarcastic voice. Then you are a calf's eye. A joke with a laugh. The bull and the calf have the same bull's eyes! An angry retort. Do you like it? The inquiry is full of smiles, with the temptation of love. I like dog eyes and look down on people. An even more sullen, crisp female voice. How interesting Han Yu could not help laughing and laughed again. Tie Hao had already laughed into an internal injury, and even the dumb slave could not help bending his eyebrows. Imperial palace, imperial study. The door of the imperial study was always open, because at any time there would be officials who had urgent matters to report to the palace, and there would be imperial concubines in the harem to please Longyan, but at the moment, in the quiet imperial study, the two doors were tightly closed, blocking the discussion of all the people outside. No one knows what the emperor is doing when he orders people to close the door of the imperial study. He only knows that occasionally there will be some conversations. He can't hear what he is talking about, but he can be sure that the emperor is talking to someone, but no one knows who he is talking to. The prince was assassinated at the execution ground. The deep voice could not hide his majesty. It was the voice of the cold weather. Uh The other voice was equally deep, and it looked very young compared to the cold weather. He answered carelessly, and there seemed to be no fear of Deville in his tone. Not you, is it? The voice of the cold weather sounded again. I'm not that stupid to kill him in front of her. The young voice still answered carelessly, as if he were not talking to the emperor,brushed stainless steel sheet, but to a bosom friend. Who dares to speak with such an attitude in front of the king of a country? The door was closed, and no one could see who the mysterious young man inside was. And the conversation in the room went on: "That girl is in trouble. She's no longer as simple as before. Are you sure it's her?" Han Tianyun was a little worried, and his tone seemed to disapprove of what was going on. Uh 。


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