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Green Valley DragonGreen Valley Dragon

Green Valley DragonGreen Valley Dragon

Green Valley DragonGreen Valley DragonGreen Valley Dragon

At this time is the afterglow of the sunset, sunset, they have come with Chen Ping as a horizontal ridge on the high hill. On the hill Maolin Xiuzhu, just allow people to hide, Chen sent more than ten people, led by Ouyang Zongguan, to the tomb half a mile away in strict surveillance. From this high hill down, is a slope, from the slope to go further, is a riprap hill, riprap hill to go further, is a hill of weeds and trees, from this uphill to the cemetery of the tomb. At this time, there was no one in the cemetery, but it was very tense in the silence, because everyone knew that as long as there was a slight movement in the cemetery, there would be dozens of masters, immediately attacked. That being the case, who dares to become the target of public criticism? Seeing the golden sunset glow slowly disappear, even the clouds in the western sky gradually changed from silver gray to dark, suddenly a long and thin black figure appeared on the top of the tomb, all around people can not help but stare, greatly surprised. The cloud madman, Simon and Chen Fang are all suspicious of each other. Who is this man? Who is so bold as to dare to look around without fear of the enemy and appear in this place of right and wrong? Zheng Lei's eyesight was very good. He pulled Chen Fang beside him and exclaimed, "Mom, it's Dad!" "Why is he here alone?" Asked Chen Fang in surprise. "Mom," said Zheng Lei hurriedly, "let me go and have a look." "I'm going with.." said Chen Fang. Before he had finished speaking,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, Shenlong Xingyun jumped off the top of the tomb and shook the stone tablet from side to side. Knowing this, Zheng Lei sprayed the venom four times and could not help exclaiming loudly: "You can't shake it!" In fact, far apart, the dragon cloud naturally can not hear, Zheng Lei has already followed the sound, Chen Fang's wonderful figure also followed, in the tomb color four empty space, drew two black rainbows, swept to the tomb. As soon as Zheng Lei arrived at Luanshigang, he was still in the air. He raised his breath and shouted,Theobromine Powder, "Dad, go back quickly. The mechanism will start soon!" This pair, the stone tomb has been chirping, began to rotate, Shenlong Xingyun heard Zheng Lei's voice, immediately pulled out and retreated, just fell to three Zhangs away, around the stone tomb, the venom has been sprayed out, Shenlong Xingyun jumped again, finally not sprayed by the venom. When Zheng Lei and Chen Fang saw this, they were naturally very glad that they were still a stone's throw away from Shenlong Xingyun and were heading for him. Suddenly, Shenlong Xingyun shook his hands and said, "Lei Er, Fang Mei, go back quickly. Don't come. Don't come!" Zheng Lei and Chen Fang were in the sky. Hearing what Shenlong Xingyun said, they naturally couldn't figure out the reason. In their hearts, they couldn't help thinking: "What's wrong with coming?" The body sweeps forward and does not stop. When they fell to the ground, they were only five or six feet away from Shenlong Xingyun. Shenlong Xingyun was still shouting: "Go back, go back quickly!" The two of them were stunned and stood at five or six feet. They did not dare to move forward, Glucono Delta Lactone ,L Methylfolate Factory, but they did not retreat. Is at this time, suddenly ShaSheng everywhere, sound shock far and near, the four mountains corresponding, the original is the dragon cloud under more than one thousand masked black shirt man, shouting all over the mountains and plains. Zheng Lei and Chen Fang were stunned and thought to themselves, "Who are these masked men going to kill?"? Why is it surrounded by ancient tombs? Just as they were thinking of asking, Shenlong Xingyun hurriedly said to them, "Lei Er, Fang Mei, come here quickly!" The two of them jumped in front of Shenlong Xingyun. Zheng Lei said hurriedly, "Dad, who are they coming to kill?" "I'm going to kill you, mother and son," said Shenlong Xingyun. Two people are astonied, Zheng Lei says again: "Don't they already listen to father command?" Shenlong Xingyun sighed and said, "It's very difficult for me to control them. The temporary antidote has been used up. If I don't continue to take the temporary antidote, they will go mad and die for seven days in a row. Now they only know that I'm here to get the antidote. No matter who interferes with me, they will not recognize me. They will have to kill you!" Zheng Leixin said, "For the lives of so many Wulin people, for the lives of Cui Lian, the only way is to risk death to enter the tomb to get the antidote. But how can we enter the tomb?" "Father," he asked, "what shall we do?" "Hurry up and stand behind me," said Shenlong Xingyun. "Let me have a try." Two people just stand, masked black shirt man has been crazy, the dragon cloud sleeves fiercely shake a few times, his silver shirt, shining, a sharp roar sounded, covered the four mountains sounded ShaSheng. This finally stopped the masked men from rushing all over the mountains and plains. They all stopped around the dragon's cloud, and even their two eyes, which were exposed outside, could not move. Their madness was temporarily suppressed. Shenlong Xingyun took the opportunity to shout at the top of his voice: "They are friends who helped to enter the ancient tomb to get the antidote. You must not be rude!" When Zheng Lei saw this situation, he was secretly frightened. He thought, "If these more than one thousand madmen become mad again, they will be out of control. In order to save ourselves, we will not only save them, but also become the executioners who kill them." He whispered to Chen Fang, "Mom, how terrible it is!" The implication is that there are two elements of fear and compassion. Chen Fang motioned again and again: "Don't make a sound. At this time, as long as there is a little mistake, it can cause an irremediable situation. Lei Er, you have to be careful and patient!" Zheng Lei nodded his head anxiously. Just as Shenlong Xingyun was spreading his robe sleeves, he shouted at the top of his voice, "The four dukes listen to orders and lead the crowd to form a four-way array to resist the enemy outside. If there is any trespass, they will be killed without mercy!" Of all the masked men, four immediately jumped out and chose four directions. In a moment, more than one thousand people immediately formed an orderly four-in-one array, which defended the tomb as strictly as Jincheng Tangchi, and it was difficult for anyone to cross the line. When the phalanx was completed, Shenlong Xingyun immediately looked back at Zheng Lei and Chen Fang and said, "Go to the tomb!" Shenlong Xingyun only said such a simple word, but Zheng Lei secretly said in his heart: "It's easier said than done. Just two words, I don't know how many murders are included!" Seeing that Zheng Lei had not spoken, Chen Fang knew that Zheng Lei had made up his mind to enter the tomb, but he had no choice. So he answered, "Although Lei has decided to enter the tomb, because He Rong is guarding the tomb and manipulating the mechanism, he can't find the entrance and exit. Isn't it futile?" Shenlong Xingyun said hurriedly, "These poisoned masked people only have the basic consciousness of survival now. Even if we can't go to the grave,S Adenosyl Methionine, we have to do our best. Otherwise, when they think I won't save him and become crazy again, I don't know how to clean up the situation." 。


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