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Embroidered clothes and cloud sideburns

Embroidered clothes and cloud sideburns

Embroidered clothes and cloud sideburns

After the cousin pointed out the features between the eyebrows of the younger generation, she immediately climbed the peak and went to see the family teacher, Begonia Fairy. After talking with each other, she became a candle. Manager Min Wukui and the evil plot of the poisonous lady. Ma Yunshan, Qilu Shuangxia, Sai Bian Que and others all shook their heads and lamented that Poison Lady and Min Wukui were gloomy, vicious and bold. Bao Tian. When Jiang Tiantao said this, he could not help but fill his chest with anger and tremble all over. He could not help saying excitedly, "What if you seniors?" Need to know more clearly, might as well put forward the poisonous lady Zhang Lihua, ask in detail. As soon as Jiang Laobao heard this, he first sighed angrily, and Wang Yanling's dimple immediately flashed a trace of regret. Ma Yunshan and others looked at Jiang Haohai, the owner of the old castle. Jiang Tiantao still thought that the poisonous lady was forbidden in the back, at this time a look at everyone's look, the heart knows not good, can not help staring big eyes. Eyes, with inquiring eyes, looking at Wang Yanling. After seeing Jiang Laozhu, he said in a deep voice, "This cheap maidservant is guilty of being a thief. There are already horses hidden outside the castle. A few days ago Her mother and son ran away. Jiang Tiantao listens, in the heart is surprised and angry, but saw Wang Yanling silent, and did not explain in real time, know not to have? Then openly explain the place, only hurriedly way: "After discovery, I wonder if you have sent someone to pursue?" When asked in this way, Jin Tou Ao, Ning Daotong, Sai Bian Que, Xie Gratitude, and Rui Anding and Chen Zhenze, four elderly people, rose at the same time. "The four of them were ordered by the Lord of the old castle to be sent to the outside of the mountain," he said. After saying this, Rui Anding and Xie Gratitude, two old people, continued, "The two of you and the two brothers Chen and Ning are going west separately." When they reached the western foot of the mountain, they happened to meet two woodcutters in the mountain area. It is said that two hours ago, they saw the Poisonous Lady of this castle and Toward the sky nose, each riding a fast horse,Nonoxynol 9 Factory, such as galloping out of the mountain pass, seems to be running to Xiangyin. Jiang Tiantao thanked the four of them for standing in silence and replying. He also got up hurriedly and said, "Four seniors, please sit down and talk.." Lord Jiang quickly interjected, "You don't have to stand on ceremony when you talk to Tao'er in the future." Ning Daotong four people, in unison, sat down one after another. Jiang Tiantao continued to say anxiously, "The Poisonous Lady absconded. There was no need to pursue her in a hurry, but my late mother seized the embroidery with her own hands." Clothes, if most of them are in her hands. Jin Jianying, wearing a long white gown, immediately said in a loud voice, "Don't worry, Lord Shaobao. As long as we have the determination, we are not afraid." I can't catch the poisonous lady. Jiang Tiantao asks anxiously again: "Where should we look for? Ask elder to instruct." Without hesitation, Jin Jianying said with a straight face, "Of course, we should pursue the people who usually have close contacts with Min Wukui and his wife." Investigate. As soon as Jiang Tiantao's eyes brightened, he was full of hope and said, "Senior Jin, do you know who has the closest contact with Min Wukui and his wife?" As soon as Jin Jianying pondered, he said, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,Kava Root Extract, "As far as I know, the smiling tiger of Jiuyi Mountain in Hunan, and the one-armed Amitabha of Jinfu in Sichuan." And Yin and Yang in Leigongling, Guizhou. "Old Escort Head Ning Daotong said," According to my humble position, if the Poisonous Lady escapes this time, she must fly away and go to her. The place of the sworn sister, the Fragrant Concubine. Jiang Tiantao heard a surprised heart, this is really birds of a feather flock together, can not think of Yunnan Huaping Mountain, Changle Palace in the pretty flower fragrant imperial concubine It turned out to be the adopted sister of the Poisonous Lady. In my mind, just as I was about to say that I had met the Fragrant Concubine on the way and had won her five-step broken soul scarf, which was more than life, I heard Rui Ding. An said disapprovingly, "Zhang Donghua, the Yaksha in the main water of the Dragon Palace Lake, is the sister of the Poisonous Lady. She should have fled." The ingredients of Longgong Lake are in the majority. Little Li Guang thought of the Poisonous Lady flying horse out of the West Pass, so he said intuitively, "But the direction of the Poisonous Lady's escape is Xiang." Yin! Rui Anding laughed unconsciously and said, "The Poisonous Lady is resourceful and cunning. How did Brother Zhong know she used it?" It's not a diversion. Small Li was refuted blushed, immediately speechless answer. Seeing Jin Jianying, An Xiu frowned and said worriedly, "If the Poisonous Lady really went to the Dragon Palace Lake, it would be a matter of time." It's even more difficult. ” Jiang Tiantao couldn't help being puzzled: "Why, senior?" Jin Jianying explained with a straight face, "Zhang Lihua, the Yaksha in the water, has long been incorporated into the organization by the Three Hairpin Gang and appointed as the branch of the Dragon Palace Lake." Helmsman, if this castle goes to ask for someone, there will be a conflict, and the Three Hairpin Gang will be her backing.. At the end of Jin Jianying's words, Ma Yunshan, a sophisticated man who seemed to have realized something, looked up and laughed, pressing it, which meant quite a lot. "Why is it so difficult?" He said with a deep smile. "It just depends on the success of Lord Shaobao's going to worship the mountain." As soon as he said this, everyone was suddenly enlightened and looked at Jiang Tiantao, especially Wang Yanling, who had been frowning and regretting. Be in high spirits and pay special attention to it. Arrived here and now, Jiang Tiantao faces old father, dare not fabricate a story again naturally, have to go up by Song Tao road, the road sees not. Ping, make the sword to help cover the head of the woman, Xiangjiang Tower happened to meet the jade fan scholar, until the rainbow dragon lady came to provoke, point down to the sky nose, Only then did I guess that the woman I met that night might be Hsiao Hsiang-chen, who later chased horses outside the castle, sent poems with arrows, and was good at climbing and picking stars. Only then did Lou affirm that the woman with her head covered was the Rainbow Dragon Lady. Jiang Tiantao said here in one breath, Ma Yunshan and others all said that Qiqiao was interesting, even Jiang Laobao Lord, could not help it. He stroked his beard and smiled. Only small Li Guang, who had been fighting for a long time, and Chen Zhenze, who had been shaken by the sword of "Rainbow Dragon Lady", were somewhat ashamed. I'm sorry. Wang Yanling, who only listened attentively, was already jealous and jealous, thinking that Jiang Tiantao had seen that sad song that night. If you dare to swear to her in all seriousness after the poem, your heart will be particularly angry. Then think of Jiang Tiantao this time to Dongliangshan, two love meet, little tenderness, mind to this point, more and more. Chagrin was so great that I couldn't help trembling any longer. Although Jiang Tiantao saw his cousin Wang Yanling's expression changed greatly, his heart could not help but secretly anxious,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, but in front of his father and so many. In front of the older generation, they had to regard it as the last thing they saw and continue to tell the story of going to Dongliangshan. When Jiang Tiantao talked about climbing the stairs to feel the pulse and imitating Sai Bian Que Jier to prescribe a dose of cold medicine, the people in the hall were happy. Ha laughed all the time.


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