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Jennifer’s gorgeous hourglass frame works perfectly with strapless gown styles. By leaving her shoulders bare and defining her waist, Jen puts her enviable figure on full display. The strapless style winter cocktail dress is divine in column and fishtail gowns. When trying this search for yourself, keep in mind that it’s about that flash of bare skin in your chest. Simple earrings, a delicate choker-style necklace, along with a feminine up-do are what you need to complete the appearance.

Ball Gown Sleeveless Long

While Jennifer looks sultry and smoldering in most black, she also looks stunning and almost angelic in head-to-toe white. Jennifer’s classically beautiful features teamed by having an all-white ensemble make her look like an old Hollywood screen siren. The color conveys a glance that is poised, pure, and extremely elegant. Just give a striking red lip to show up the drama about this clean look.

feeltimes plunging neckline is often a tricky turn to pull off. With the wrong fabric, cut or styling, the appearance can go from glamorous to trashy immediately. Jennifer gets her deep-V right each time by balancing the appearance with extra fabric elsewhere (for example with sleeves or perhaps a flared hem) and design details that draw eyes from her chest (for example with embellishments or perhaps an intriguing collar).

Look for dresses with plunging necklines in high-quality material, make and fit to make sure that the design sits and stays where it’s designed to.

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